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The Pyramids in Bosnia

Bosnian Pyramids

The story of the Pyramids in Bosnia began in 2005, when they were first discovered. Once considered just hills, these pyramids are located near the village of Visoko, near Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Archaeologist Semir Osmanagic is credited with their discovery.

The tallest of the pyramids, when it was thought that they were mountains, bore the name Visocica, but was later renamed by the archaeologist as the Pyramid of the Sun. This pyramid is taller than the Great Pyramid. Osmanagic's belief is that these pyramids were built by people around the 7th century B.C. If this is true, this means that these pyramids are older than the Great pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

This theory about the pyramids in Bosnia has found its own enthusiasts and skeptics. Some say the pyramids are natural formations - hills with a perfect form that are not pyramids, others argue that what they have seen were indeed pyramids and return agape to see them once more.

Indeed, the pyramids near Sarajevo are three – the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Dragon and the Pyramid of the Moon. After being discovered, researchers began to make excavations and found various evidence that definitely supports the theory of the archaeologist who discovered them – they have found the remains of temples, there are many tunnels that are not fully explored as part of them are caved-in, stone slabs with writing were also found, whose origin is still unknown.

The tunnels which are accessible and cleaned of debris have lengths of about 1968 ft (600 meters) and are open to tourists.

Years later, after their discovery, the archaeologist Semir Osmanagic, along with electrical engineers and physicists explored the energy field around the pyramids and found that the top of the Pyramid of the Sun actually has an energy field that flows out of her recesses.