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Citrine: the Gemstone of Luck


Gemstones conceal power. One of the most remarkable stones is citrine. Its name comes from the French citron which means lemon. Citrine has earned this name due to its characteristic yellow color. The sunny shades of citrine, combined with its numerous benefits, make it a preferred material for crafting decorations we can use day-to-day.

To unleash citrine's even greater effectiveness it's best to combine it with silver. The gemstone has the most considerable influence on people of the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini. It is believed that it instills confidence in people born under these 2 signs. Over time, this confidence gradually turns into decisiveness, which is advantageous for the career development of Virgos and Geminis.

Citrine is not only extremely beautiful, it possesses healing powers as well. Long-term wear of jewelry with this benevolent gemstone improves vision and heals thyroid gland diseases. It has an antioxidant effect, successfully cleansing accumulated toxins in the body. It has a special similar effect on the digestive and endocrine systems.

Citrine also has a potent anti-stress effect. It adequately soothes its owners, helping them deal with the difficult everyday. This beautiful stone also helps against ulcers and is a wonderful means of detox for all organs.

Citrine Gemstone

It's important to wear citrine at all times. This way its owners will get used to it and see it as a part of themselves, which may be of benefit in the future.

Citrine has been revered since ancient times. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, nobles wore it to protect themselves from snake venom. Our ancestors believed that this was the stone of luck. In ancient Greece, every merchant felt obligated to have a citrine decoration in order for his business to flourish. It was thought that the gemstone encouraged abundance, which is directly related to the success of a given person.

Experts recommend anyone who deals in business, or plans to in the future, to wear citrine because it disperses the negative energy around itself and encourages success, while at the same time not needing to be cleaned or recharged, as is the case with other gemstones.



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