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Antiquities , historical events and facts. Ancient civilizations and extinct cultures . The secrets and mysteries of ancient civilizations.
The Celts and the Celtic KingdomThe Celts and the Celtic Kingdom
10 Jan.
The Celts, who can be found in historical chronicles and under the name Gauls or Galatians, are an ancient Indo-European people. The earliest information about them dates from the middle of the 1st millennium BC.
Louis XIV - History, Life and AchievementsLouis XIV - History, Life and Achievements
13 Dec.
Birth and origin of Louis XIV, called the Sun King. Facts, achievements and reign of Louis XIV. Building absolutism under the Sun King.
The History of HippocratesThe History of Hippocrates
13 Dec.
If you've decided to read this article, titled The History of Hippocrates, we're probably going to disappoint you a bit, because very little is really known about him.
Who are the Phoenicians?Who are the Phoenicians?
11 Dec.
Today we call money Phoenician signs, after the people who bequeathed us this means of payment. To the same people we also owe another great invention - the alphabet.
The Destruction of CarthageThe Destruction of Carthage
09 Dec.
Carthage was one of the most powerful rivals of the Roman Empire. How does it disappear from the face of the earth and what are the factors leading to its destruction?
Constantinople - Rise and FallConstantinople - Rise and Fall
09 Dec.
Constantinople was built by Emperor Constantine and was called the City of Constantine. Constantinople quickly became a center of science and culture.
The Story of HannibalThe Story of Hannibal
05 Dec.
Hannibal Barca was one of the greatest generals in ancient times. Hannibal was chosen as the leader of the soldiers in Iberia.
Xerxes I - Rise, Reign and FallXerxes I - Rise, Reign and Fall
05 Dec.
Xerxes I was a king of Persia from the Achaemenid dynasty. Even his name means hero among kings, the heroic king. These titles are due not to personal merit, but to his ancestry. Read more.
The Rise and Fall of Ancient RomeThe Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome
01 Dec.
The Roman Empire is considered one of the greatest state entities that ever existed on Earth. It managed to unite almost all the great civilizations of the world under a single rule.
The History of Octavian AugustusThe History of Octavian Augustus
30 Nov.
Octavian Augustus, also called Augustus Caesar or Octavian, was born as Gaius Octavius on September 23, 63 BC. He was the first Roman emperor after the fall of the republic. See more.