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The Least Reliable Zodiac Signs at Work


When it comes to work, the zodiac sign of the person is of import, since the position of the stars at the moment of their birth also determines the quality of their work.

Those born under the sign of Aries are difficult to be made to follow any directions; they have their own opinion about everything. Despite this, they can invest a lot of effort to achieve their goal.

Taurus is the perfect employee. He'll be at work half an hour before everyone else and leave later than they. And he won't do it to suck up to the boss but to get more work done.


Gemini are known for their frequently changing mood. As such they are quite problematic as employees. Gemini have the fixed idea of becoming leaders and the idea that someone is above them in the hierarchy depresses them, leading them to sometimes disregard the fulfillment of an important task.

Cancer is a good employee but always wants to highlight the fact that he has his own opinion on every issue. Those born under this sign often have the feeling that they are misunderstood by their boss and this may worsen their quality of work.

Those born under the sign of Leo believe that their mission is to win. Because of this they'll put everything they've got into their work but may ruin everything at the most critical moment, just to prove themselves to someone or their own selves.

Virgos are fastidious employees - they strictly follow everything they're told to the letter. Even if they have their own opinion on an issue they'll express it very carefully.


Libras are peculiar when it comes to work. Their dream is to work little but earn great sums of money for it. But since this doesn't happen they constantly show resentment toward their boss and are capable of ruining an important project just to prove that they too are a crucial factor at the workplace.

Scorpio acts quickly and decisively and is perfect at his job. He takes care of all the little details and it's quite a rarity to find a Scorpio that's sloppy in his work or one who doesn't enjoy success.

Sagittarius's opinion on every single issue often gets in his way. Instead of doing what he's told he starts to try to convince his boss that things can be done differently.

Capricorn is a great worker but is capable of all kinds of low, dirty tricks to get ahead. His coworkers usually hate him but don't show it and he thinks that he's the best in the group.

Aquarius is sometimes unmanageable and finds it difficult to follow orders or have the discipline his bosses desire.

Those born in the sign of Pisces are superb doers but their excessive emotionality lets them experience every thing they do powerfully. This doesn't affect their work but does put great strain on their mind.



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