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Swingers Among the Zodiac Signs

Jana G.Jana G.

Some of the zodiac signs have more of a tendency for flirting and stormy love relationships. Others prefer to concentrate on just one person and not think about anyone else.

Aries expresses his feelings without restraint and is prone to cheating. If your partner is an Aries, know that for them it's completely normal to love you and flirt with others.

Taurus is known for his preference for a stable partner instead of the opportunity to flirt with a different person every night.


Geminis are always flip-flopping and are the typical swingers. They love to change their partners like used tissues and any flirt with them lasts very briefly. They are experts when it comes to breaking hearts.

Cancer is a swinger with sporadic feelings. At the same time he's looking for the love of his life and doesn't like pointless flirting. For Cancer it's perfectly normal to be in love with someone one day and with another the next.

Those born under the sign of Leo are incorrigible swingers. To them it's important to play the role of a hunter - regardless of their sex. A Leo in love is capable of doing anything to make their favorite person happy but then they quickly grow cold toward them.

Persons born under the sign of Virgo are serious when it comes to love. They are incredibly picky when choosing a partner. But at the same time they are prone to having affairs outside a serious relationship.


Libras are constantly in search of the perfect partner. They strive for a romantic relationship and let out their feelings without being sure that it's the right person.

Scorpio is conflicting in love. He hides his feelings but at the same time secretly manifests as a possessive and jealous person. He isn't prone to flirtations but if things with his beloved aren't going well he'll plunge right into the first possible fling.

Sagittarius prefers the comfort of a peaceful relationship instead of the romance of flirtations with different people.

It's difficult for Capricorn to reveal his feelings. And even though he creates the impression that family is the most important thing for him, he allows himself flings with pleasure, giving them little importance.

Aquarius is an idealist in love. Flirting and random flings are something unacceptable for him - he wants to be only with the person that's his world.

Pisces were made for love. When they flirt they feel in their element. When they fall in love they always think that this time they've found their true love. Then they are suddenly disappointed - until the next time they fall in love.