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The Vengeful Zodiac Signs

Plamena M.Plamena M.

No one likes to hear about the bad sides of their character. But it's a fact that they exist. Let's find out who the most terrible avengers in the zodiac are.

Gemini are among the most bellicose zodiac signs. If you invoke their fury, you'll become a target of the harshest drama and rumors. But since they are fickle in their moods, don't get too afraid of them, since they'll easily forget your wrongdoing, quickly picking out a new victim.

Scorpios are perhaps on the same level as Gemini. Even the smallest effect on their interests leads to spiteful attacks and hissing. Most often they take it out on those closest to them.

Sagittarii are not so vengeful and rarely cross swords directly. Unless of course, there's an audience. This acts like an aphrodisiac to them and they can make a scene sky-high. Any other options they would find boring.

Virgo, on the other hand, tends to pout over little things but she will get you back mercilessly. To achieve her goal, she'll use any and all available means. Only when she finally gets her revenge does her good mood return.


It's hard to infuriate a Capricorn. But if you've had the bitter experience of angering this zodiac sign then you know that their fury dwarfs that of Virgo. Resistance is futile - just run away.

Libras get offended quite easily, and they, like Virgo, serve their revenge harshly. Usually, in verbal confrontations.

The most common way for Cancer to ruin a given event is to get up and leave right in the middle of it. This ruins everything. If they're really pissed off though, they're capable of wreaking havoc at home.


Aries does not seek revenge unless you've hit a nerve regarding something that's personally his. No matter if it's an item or his opinion. They have a tendency to say and do things which they regret later, although they would never admit it.

Taurus is also very slow to anger but if it does happen, he's even more vicious than Aries. He who has insulted him can expect extremely tough times from there on out.

Leo's revenge is an incredibly rare occurrence. But you'll know it immediately because it is a fearsome one - a visual demonstration that you're a complete nothing.

Pisces get insulted easily but don't normally think about revenge. They do have a tendency, however, to ruin everyone else's mood with their sullen and bitter facial expression. And for such a long time that you'd be begging them to get revenge in a noticeable way and be done with it.

Aquarians don't like and don't know how to get revenge. But since they have a strong inborn sense of humor, they can make anyone they want into a laughingstock however and wherever they wish.