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The 3 Naivest Zodiac Signs

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is said that a person's zodiac sign has an influence on their character and while some signs are more passionate, others are more vindictive and still others have a greater tendency to succumb to lies and manipulation, which is why they are seen as completely naive.


For Libras it is a very difficult and oftentimes impossible task to make a decision and stick by it. They prefer someone else to make a decision instead of them and this hesitation makes them the perfect target for experienced liars and manipulators.


Libras are naive in absolutely every aspect of life and can easily be duped. Without thinking they'll believe completely made up stories and empty promises, without even trying to analyze what they're being told.


Pisces are the biggest dreamers among the zodiac signs and all it takes is for someone to trick them into believing that their greatest fantasies can become reality and they'll believe them unquestioningly.

Pisces strive for material security, with gambling and other get-rich-quick methods being their weak point. This can easily turn them into a victim of fraud.



Representatives of the sign of Taurus are sensible and difficult to lead on. When it comes to money, business and material things, Taureans are not quick to trust.

But when it comes to love, there's no sign more naive than theirs. Individuals born under this sign easily succumb to manipulations when they come from their beloved. It's also not difficult for them to become the victims of arguments when they're deeply in love.