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The 4 Vainest Zodiac Signs

Antonia R.Antonia R.

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Some of the zodiac signs can't go even a minute without looking in the mirror. For them, their appearance is not the result of random chance, they gingerly refine every detail of themselves before they go anywhere.


There's no zodiac sign more vainglorious than Libra, whether it be man or woman. They can work on their hairstyle, apply makeup and pick and choose their clothes for hours to make sure that everything goes together perfectly.

There is no other representative of the star signs that so highly values beauty. They love to spend their money on clothes, shoes and jewelry and often suffer financial hardships because of this weakness. When Libras take care of their appearance, they love getting showered with compliments.


A typical Leo would never leave his home if he knew that he wouldn't astound everyone else with his appearance. Leos don't just try to look good, they want to look the best.

That's why they never spare expenses on clothes and accessories. Brand names are important to them and they experience true joy whenever they can afford something more expensive. They can spend hours to get the perfect hairstyle, until they are finally satisfied.



Aries have a remarkable sense of fashion and often create fashion trends instead of following them. They don't care particularly about their hair and it often looks haphazard but when it comes to makeup and dress, they are uncompromising.

For an Aries, shopping is one of his favorite pastimes. Representatives of this sign love buying new clothes and cosmetics without holding back.


Beautiful jewelry, designer handbags and shoes are a mandatory part of a Capricorn's life. For representatives of this sign it's not just important to buy new clothes and shoes but for them to be high quality as well.

Capricorns love to shop but unlike the other vain zodiac signs, they do it with exceptional precision. They would never buy something they don't need, even if it looks extremely beautiful.