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The 3 Laziest Zodiac Signs

Antonia R.Antonia R.

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According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs that are genuine kings of laziness and you would have to be a real master to awaken their desire to do anything. The zodiac signs in question love rest and idleness more than any other sign.


Pisces are the laziest zodiac sign of them all, who, despite frequently having good ideas, lack the stimulation and activeness to carry them out. Pisces prefer to guide others with their advice and use up their energy in conversation, without taking direct action.

Don't expect initiative from a representative of this zodiac sign. No matter what opportunity may lie before them, they always prefer to put their feet up in a nice, quiet place, instead of risking and grabbing the opportunity.



Libras are no less lazy than Pisces but in the case of the air sign, this is due to their lack of willpower to change their destiny for the better.

They simply do not have the desire to overcome the difficulties and seek changes, as such they can often spin around in circles because of these shortcomings. For Libras it feels much more natural to laze around and enjoy the beauty around them.



Even though Cancers are responsible individuals that will always give their best in tasks they've taken up, they are also extremely lazy when it comes to physical action.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will immediately sympathize with you and understand you but nature has robbed them of initiative, with which to actually help you in practice. Cancers love a cozy family atmosphere more than anyone else and can enjoy it for hours.