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Mercury Becomes Retrograde for the 2nd Time This Year


Starting June 6 up until the end of the month, the planet of communication, Mercury, goes retrograde for the 2nd time since the beginning of the year. It will travel backwards in the signs of Cancer and Gemini.

Mercury will stop being retrograde on July 1st but until then it will affect communication, unions, short-distance travels and learning.

Until the end of June, all of these areas, which are under the influence of the planet closest to the Sun, will be negatively affected.

Beginning June 6th, it is not wise to sign any contracts because they will result in losses. The period will not be appropriate for buying any new tech devices, for they will break down.


Do not form any marital unions since signing a marriage license is considered a type of contract.

It is also not a good time for short-distance travels. They need to be postponed for a more favorable time.

Mercury's retrogradation will have an effect on learning as well; it will not be uncommon for many people to experience difficulties in finding and absorbing new information.

On the flip side, the month will be suitable for correcting past mistakes and analyzing our behavior, something which a psychoanalyst can help us with.


The planet's retrogradation will be felt most strongly by Cancer and Gemini, since Mercury will be moving backwards through those signs, and by Virgo, since it is exalted in it.

Mercury's retrogradation in Cancer will increase our sensitivity, ushering us toward memories from the past and making us think about people who are no longer a part of our lives.

Starting June 18, Mercury will return to the sign of Gemini, continuing its backwards motion. At that point we must be careful with the information we receive and the conversations we have.

On June 19, an alignment between Mercury and the Sun will help us more easily reach that which is truly important to us. On that day they will be fully facing each other, which will aid us in fixing our past mistakes.



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