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Mercury Retrograde - How it Affects the Physical and Mental Health

Mercury Retrograde - How it Affects the Physical and Mental Health

Astrology is considered by many to be a pseudoscience, although there is indisputable evidence that it affects the mental health and even the physical.

So, while some continue to laugh at astrology, others actively study this field, make predictions and know everything about our lives.

Mercury retrograde - how it affects the physical and mental health

According to astrologers, the movements of the heavenly bodies have a huge impact on earthly processes. As you know, the planets of the solar system move around the sun in their orbits. At some moments, some planet appears together with the Earth on one side of the Sun and observing them from our planet, it seems as if they begin to move in the opposite direction.

But how does this happen and is it a visual trick?

Quite a few people argue why this is so important, considering that the planet actually continues to move on its trajectory, that is, without changing its direction. The point is that the zodiac system is geocentric, that is, according to astrologers, the Earth is at the center of all events.

Therefore, it is not the actual motion of the planets that is evaluated, but their displacement, which is obviously much more complicated than simple orbital motion. Retrograde of the planets is typical of all the planets of the Solar System, but especially of Mercury, as this planet moves quickly and enters the retrograde phase 3-4 times a year.

Basically, Mercury is responsible for communications, commerce, working with information and people, transportation, learning, - that is, for almost all areas of our lives.

Gemini and Virgo are most affected by Mercury retrograde because Mercury is their planet.

Mercury Retrograde

Astrologers call the period of Mercury retrograde often "scary". According to them, you should postpone all your ventures, do not start new projects, do not make deals, do not make large purchases and do not start new relationships.

The reason is that such endeavors will be doomed to failure as Mercury moves retrograde.

Many scientists consider the very phenomenon of retrograde to be an optical illusion. However, there is not a single irrefutable proof or disproof of whether Mercury affects our mental health.

However, there are many disputes in scientific circles and to this day the truth is somewhere in the middle, since scientists have not reached a unanimous opinion, only different hypotheses are expressed.

However, what do you think is the truth and does Mercury retrograde affect our mental health and the physical?