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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn - What to Watch Out for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Mercury will be in apparent backward motion from January 5 - 25 between the signs Aquarius and Capricorn. This period is called retrogradation in astrology and we must be cautious in certain aspects during it.

The first thing that Mercury affects is information. The planet bears the name of the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, while in astrology it is linked to the accurate conveyance of important information.

However, when Mercury is retrograde, this information is incorrect, inaccurate and misguiding. As such, we need to be wary of everything we hear and not come to a conclusive decision without first checking the information at our disposal several times over.

The field of technology is also vulnerable during retrograde Mercury. Moving backward, the planet has a negative effect on purchases of cell phones or household appliances. If you buy them during the retrograde period, they may unexpectedly break or you may lose them or have them stolen in the near future.


Delays are also possible - of planned meetings, projects or documents. You need to be more patient until the planet resumes its proper motion.

Don't change jobs, sign contracts or move to a new residence during Mercury's retrogradation because your judgement is impaired and you'll later regret your decision.

Problems with communication until January 25 will also be present. It'll be harder for us to understand other people's point of view and harder for us to express our own opinion. This leads to uncertainties which can provoke conflicts.

Retrograde Mercury brings past events and people back into our lives. You may once again come across an old love, old friends or old problems you have not yet resolved.


While the planet is retrograde, avoid traveling because there is a risk of accidents and troubles.

Relationships started during retrograde Mercury are unsuccessful and you may later come to realize that the person you've fallen in love with does not meet your expectations. Those already in a serious relationship will be facing their reckoning.

Any activities related to psychology and creativity up until January 25 will be successful. You can be creative or develop new techniques for self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Sign up for a new class, challenge yourself by learning a new skill and finish unfinished tasks.