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We May Become Immortal by the Year 2050!

Plamena M.Plamena M.

By the year 2050, humans will become immortal. This prediction by a futurologist really stirred things up at the London Science Conference.

Dr. Ian Pearson from Great Britain has left society stunned with his prognosis of the near future. According to him, toward mid-century humans will have the ability to plug their brains into computers specially designed for the purpose.

What this means is that after the physical death of our bodies, our consciousness will continue to exist. It will be able to gain many different identities. With the aid of new technologies, man will be able to control many and varied anthropological bodies.

The expert made his predictions during this year's Big Bang Science Convention in London. According to him, the scientific achievements in the near future will truly make people immortal. They'll be able to continue their existence long after their biological death.

If Dr. Pearson's prediction turns out to be true and humans do become immortal, this will inevitably lead to some fundamental changes in the evolutionary processes of humanoids.

The present will have to keep the advancement of technology in mind. But whether this will be the right approach to the development of the human race, we have yet to find out.