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What do Dreams with Family Members in Them Portend?


Family consists of those who are always by our side. They are the ones we see and interact with every day. As such, they may often appear in our dreams. But does this mean anything good or does it predict misfortune?

There's no single answer to this question but here we're going to provide some guidelines for interpreting dreams related to the family, based on legends passed down over the ages:

Grandma / grandpa

If you dream of your own grandma, expect something good to happen to you very soon. If you dream that they are dying, expect a new addition to your family. If you dream of your grandpa alongside your grandma, you must likely need someone else's support, love and comfort.


There's many possible interpretations in this case. If you dream that you're becoming a father, expect a happy family life. If you dream of your own father, it means that you have to rely more on your intuition, while if your father is dying it's highly likely that soon you're going to feel shame because of your actions.

Happy Family

Brother / sister

If you dream of seeing your brother/sister unexpectedly, this signifies that you're going to be enjoying the love and support of those close to you. If you dream that he/she is swimming, they will likely fall ill to a deadly disease. If you dream that your brother/sister is dying, expect to live a long life.

Male Cousin

The presence of a male cousin is a symbol of marriage but not your own. You're likely going to be invited to a wedding of loved ones, whom you've long suspected have been wanting to have a family.

Female Cousin

Dreaming of a female cousin is not a good omen, for according to folk legends this signifies a break up with your beloved.



A love adventure you had never even suspected may be on the horizon. It will actually turn out to be long-lasting.


If your mother appears in your dream and tells you that she's coming to take you to the grave, or if you dream that your mother is dying in front of you, then expect a death in the family. In all other situations, the mother is a symbol of a bright future, luck and upcoming successes.

Nephew / niece

If you dream that you're the nephew/niece of someone, look around you in the waking world, for it's likely that a loved one has need of your advice or aid. If, on the other hand, you have a nephew or niece being born, you're going to enjoy a long and peaceful family life.


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