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What Do the Stars Portend in the Week Until April 3?

Weekly Horoscope

This week the movement of Mercury in Aries corresponds with the movement of Uranus in the same sign, which drives changes and it is highly likely that the week will be a fateful one for some zodiac signs.

Aries - Be careful when communicating with authoritative figures

In order to have a peaceful week, you'll have to change your tone of communication with your coworkers. You also need to be a lot more careful when communicating with figures who are a lot more authoritative than you. Focus on your goals and don't succumb to pressure. The week will present you with opportunities with which to increase your knowledge. Take advantage of your mind's activity and you'll come to remarkable ideas and realizations, with which to change your daily life.


Taurus - You'll reach important insights

Be careful with your words because incorrectly expressed thoughts can cause a storm of conflicts both at work and with your romantic partner. In the days until April 3 you can trust your secrets with the person closest to you. The week will also bring you important insights, with which you'll find out how to realize an old dream of yours. Come up with a plan and analyze it well before you act on the issue.

Gemini - Your communication with friends will give you helpful ideas

Communication this week will be the key to your successes. If you're facing a challenge at work or in your love relationship, share what's going on with a friend and they may help you with a valuable piece of advice. This week you are advised to stay away from any battles over authority and money. If you're in a relationship you may be more jealous of your partner than usual. Try to be patient and take your mind off things by hanging out more with friends and your professional contacts.

Cancer - Be more responsible in order to receive a raise

You're loaded with huge ambitions for growth in the professional aspect but for it to happen this week you'll have to radically change your way of thinking. You need to completely change the way you communicate with your bosses. Show them that you can handle even more complex tasks, in order to show that you're a responsible person. Only through hard work will you be able to get the raise you dream of. Watch out for conflicts having to do with control this entire week.

Leo - Arguments over money lie ahead

Your opinion will be met with opposition from others concerning issues of money and material possessions. In the next few days you'll have to hear more than a few criticisms regarding the way you see the material world. Don't blindly defend your viewpoint, instead try to analyze the tips you are given because they can be beneficial to you, even if they're not presented in the nicest way possible. This week you may feel a strong impulse to travel, which will give you an entire new perspective on your development.

Virgo - Free yourself of worries by having conversations

Your expectations and reality will clash seriously this week. After a conversation with someone close you'll find out how misguided you've been on certain issues. Free yourself of the emotional baggage by talking to someone about a problem from the past that continues to plague you even today. Watch out for envy this week and try to look more philosophically at spiteful people. The days until April 3 will be perfect for your love relationship because you'll enjoy better intimacy.


Libra - Rely on dialogue to avoid problems

This week you'll do a perfect job in aspects that require mature and responsible thinking. Argue only by using facts and take care not to create a false impression among the people around you. Rely on open dialogue to deal with any misunderstandings and try to suppress your anger. Your romantic relationship will suffer a turning point after a conversation reveals an unsuspected truth about your partner.

Scorpio - Conflicts at work

This week you'll be quite critical toward the people around you but this won't help you realize your goals. You wish to control the opinions and actions of your coworkers, this may provoke serious conflicts. You yourself won't do much of an outstanding job at work because you'll be more distracted than usual. The days until April 3, however, will fill you with remarkable ideas that will help you improve your financial state.

Sagittarius - Changes you hadn't expected are coming

Your professional ambitions this week will only be realized if you're trying to grow in the creative field. Otherwise, you'll find it more difficult to adapt to changes you hadn't expected. As if to make up for this, your sense of humor will be sky-high and you'll look positively at any changes. Flirts and flings await you this week, which will load you with a positive mood.

Capricorn - Expect quarrels with relatives


This week you'll be thinking more about home and family, while unresolved problems from the past will appear once again. Communication with relatives will be a challenge for you these next few days because your opinion won't be taken into consideration, while you are forced to be mindful of people older than you. At the same time, you'll be productive at work, while your impulsive behavior these next few days will have you meeting all sorts of pleasant people.

Aquarius - Contain your emotional outbursts

You'll go head-to-head with another person's knowledge this week. Don't try to come out the winner in the argument by any means necessary, just admit it if someone happens to be more knowledgeable than you. Your emotions will be more volatile this week but try to avoid emotional outbursts and tirades. Work will be successful, especially if part of a team. You'll find it easy to talk with coworkers and will encourage them with your brilliant ideas.

Pisces - Financial problems are coming

You'll encounter hardships related to issues having to do with money and possessions this week. The absence of adequate finances will be felt clearly this week, while your attempts to earn additional money will prove fruitless. Try not to be so controlling of others and avoid unplanned expenses at all costs. Think of and create an entirely new budget that will help you avoid similar situations in the past.