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Find out What to Expect on January 26 According to the Horoscope


The most important thing to remember for today is that there's going to be a very long period of a void of course moon, which is going to make the period from 3:20 to 16:40 UTC relatively ineffective. We're going to be absentminded, lethargic and barely able to meet the expectations of others.

But even though this Friday isn't going to be among our most productive, we mustn't despair ahead of time. We're also going to see certain preconditions for success and moments of joy.

It's true that events will likely move at slower pace but there will be development. If you've demonstrated acts of kindness toward someone in the past, today you'll receive a reward.

Just when you least expect it you're going to be granted support and collaboration. But if you've been unfair, rude and hostile toward someone, that person may just get their revenge on you today.

Tomorrow is going to be an important day for those of you who are trying to control their weight. The so-called Ekadashi is coming - a period of body, soul and karma cleansing.

Prepare for it starting today by decreasing the consumption of food and focusing on a more vegetarian diet. Try to primarily consume water and fruits during Ekadashi proper.


Today you're going to resolve difficulties regarding your professional life. You're easily going to find common ground with your higher ups and stand out with your skills and knowledge. On the love front, things aren't going to be as rosy as that. Jealousy and dramatic confessions are going to ruin your good mood and give you serious cause for reconsideration.


Today you're going to enjoy the gifts of an analytical mind, charm and unadulterated sense of humor. So don't be surprised if throughout the whole day people are constantly asking for your advice or simply seeking your company. And even though your conversations are going to be very pleasant today, don't relax to the point where you're sharing excessively personal facts about yourself. Soon they may be used against you.


Try to fulfill the promises you've given, even if you feel that they're really taxing. Your loved ones and coworkers value your word and they'd definitely lose your trust if you don't keep it. If you have to clear relations up with your admirers today, don't miss doing so. The more you delay, the more complex the situation you find yourself in becomes.


Throughout the entire day you're going to be battling your laziness and absentmindedness. Your thoughts are going to constantly wander off to a better place and it will be difficult for you to concentrate on important projects. In that case it's better to postpone your important tasks for next week and give in to a well-deserved break. At the end of the work week, don't forget to meet with friends and relax accordingly.


Today you're going to inspire trust in your counterparts and impress them with your knowledge. Expect a spectacular experience in the afternoon hours. Communicating with someone who means a lot to you is going to lead to plenty of elation. And while for some Leos the emotions are going to be pleasant, for others that won't be the case.


Listen to your intuition completely and trust the guidance of your inner voice whenever you need to take a risk. In the 2nd half of the day, prepare for hardships and drama on the love front. At the same time, try not to pay too much attention to the words you hear. It'll soon become clear that they've been said while under emotional stress.


Today you're going to be calm, patient and responsive. Your generous behavior is going to warm those around you and win you admirers. Despite this, don't rush to any love advances because the 1st half of the day isn't too suitable for such undertakings. A more suitable time for flirting is after 18:00 UTC today.


Today, it'd be best if you ignored your own caprices and tried to make someone else happy. It'd be wonderful if you devoted more time to your relatives and surprised them with a practical gift. But if you can't make a gift right now, don't reproach yourself. The time spent with them is the greatest gift to your loved ones.


Expect a roller coaster of a day loaded with emotions that you'll most likely remember for its joyous moments. Slight misunderstandings will embitter your morning hours but afterward everything will clear up and you'll unwind. Be sure to spend the evening with your friends - one of them is preparing an interesting proposal for you.


It'd be best if you come up with a plan of action from the moment you open your eyes this morning and try to follow it to the end of the work day. Many events and people are going to try to distract you, so find a way to remind yourself of your priorities from time to time. The evening is a time of relaxation and fun. Expect a nice reward for the hard work you've put in throughout the day.


Today the stars advise you to get out of your comfort zone in order to seek more successful realization in the professional or love fronts. Also consider a short break out of town, where some unexpected fun awaits you. If you still haven't found your partner, it's there that Cupid's arrows might strike.


A hard-working nature is a quality that embellishes any person but today your desire to get as many tasks done as possible will only hurt you. So forget your workaholism and try to get some proper rest. You're going to need new energy for next week, when you'll have to fight decisive battles once again.