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Throw a Die and Find out What to Expect in Love


Summer's drawing to a close and with it the hot seaside flirts as well. But don't let this depress you because it may in fact turn out that the best is yet to come and that all of the recently experienced teases have been nothing but a pale shadow of the passionate adventures the Universe is soon bringing.

To find out what you can expect in the coming months, you don't need to answer complex questions or perform difficult calculations, rituals or magic.

Simply throw a plain old die, then check to see what the number you get is trying to tell you.

Look for a die in a drawer where you might still have your childhood board games and throw it. Find out now whether your relationship will continue or whether you're on the brink of a new one. Peer into the future, while having fun at the same time!


If you get a 1 when you throw the die, this means the feelings of love are mutual. If you still haven't gotten together with the object of your desires, it's likely that this will soon happen. Just have a little patience and don't rush the flow of events.


Be more lenient toward the opposite sex. If you often shoot the blame at the men or women in your life and demand way too much of them, you're never going to find a person with whom you'll be truly happy. Have more faith in others and don't judge them prematurely.


Number 5

Expect a sobering experience. A person from your past is going to suddenly appear in your life and confuse your feelings. The worst sufferers of this emotional encounter are going to be those of you who are in a relationship. These same will have to choose between their current partner and their past flame.


Forget about your painful idea of starting a relationship with a person who shows no interest toward you. It's obvious that not only do they have no serious intentions, they aren't ready to give you even a small portion of their time. So stop fighting for their attention and focus on conquering new frontiers. There's many other people around you, who are more suitable.


You're going to have to fight tooth and nail for your happiness in love. Many obstacles are going to appear in your way and will at times lead you to doubt your own abilities. But don't let them break your spirit! If you show willpower and prove that you're ready to do anything in the name of love, you will ultimately achieve the happiness you've so desired.


Your biggest mistake is that you dream too much but rarely decide to act. If you continue this way into the future, you'll be left with only your hopes. It's nigh time you got out of your comfort zone and took the necessary risks in love. Even if you get hurt, at least you'll know you tried. Otherwise you're never going to get to know the most beautiful side of human relationships.