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The Year of the Yellow Earth Dog is Almost Here! Find out What to Expect

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Year 2018
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The upcoming 2018 falls under the patronage of the Yellow Earth Dog according to the Eastern calendar. The dog is a symbol of justice and as such, over the next 365 days we'll be expected to be more sincere and just. If we are not, the consequences are going to be serious.

As a year of the Dog, 2018 is going to be quite erratic. We're going to find ourselves wanting something new and constantly seeking opportunities for change.

This is the right time to try new things but these must take into account your own life principles and understandings. Don't do anything that's at odds with your views on life.

Additionally, be responsible and disciplined. Regardless of what new beginning you have in mind, don't be tempted at any point to shift the responsibility of executing the tasks on another person or to give up when the job is only halfway finished.

The color yellow will bring luck throughout 2018. So, if you'd like to attract luck and success to your side, wear yellow clothes or buy yellow amulets.


There will be no small amount of opportunities for positive changes but you need to be hardworking in order to earn positive results.

Try to be friendly and honest in terms of your relationships with others. Deception, lies and fraud are going to be severely punished and get in the way of realizing your plans.

For those with intellectual and creative professions, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog is going to be extremely fruitful. You have an opportunity to get out of your boring and monotonous daily routine and start doing something you truly like.