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Find out What to Expect in the Week Until December 3


This week, Venus transitions into Sagittarius, which will encourage timely communication with foreigners and the discussion of future-related projects. Your mindset will become more positive and you need to take advantage of this.

The week will also be under the influence of the opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This aspect is going to induce high tension and irritation between fields that seem to, at first glance, differ substantially from one another.

The last phase of retrograde Mercury begins at the end of the week. Starting Sunday, the planet of communication will be appearing to move backwards in Sagittarius and it's recommended that we postpone our most important projects.

The full moon in the sign of Gemini occurs on Sunday as well, bringing out in the open information that had been hidden thus far. It's not advised that we start anything new without first becoming familiar with all of the facts.

Aries - Create contacts and collect information

Over the course of the week you're going to be ready to clearly defend your position but while you visibly demonstrate decisiveness and courage, you're not going to be as confident on the emotional level. Use the next 7 days to finish everything you've started and from Sunday on, concentrate more on analyzing events, rather than concrete actions. Now is the time to create more contacts and collect the necessary information before starting anything new.

Taurus - Go over your budget

The focus of your attention this week is going to be your finances. It's possible that the imbalance between what you give and what you receive will provoke your irritation or for the improper attitudes of certain people to push you to the edge of fury. Your budget is going to be a sensitive issue over the next few days and it's best to discuss it with your closest, in order to work more effectively on the newly emerged problems. Try to finish the greater part of your tasks so that toward the end of the week you can focus on eliminating any mistakes.

Gemini - Clear up relations with the people around you

Over the course of the week, both professional and personal relations are going to be cause for conflict. It's possible that disagreements with those around you will occur more often, which you'll resolve only by yielding and expressing understanding. The bitterness you've accumulated toward those around you will come out in the open in the next few days but once you speak the truth face to face you'll be able to forge even stronger bonds. As the week progresses, try to finish the signing of any new contracts and laying down the foundations of your goals.

Cancer - Don't ignore your problems

It's time to deal with the tension at the workplace by facing the problems head on. Regardless of whether the issues are of a personal or work-related nature, don't ignore the displeasure and improper attitudes because this can turn into a habit. During quarrels, rely on specific facts and arguments to defend your positions. The end of the week will provide you greater opportunities for a break and creativity.

Leo - Resolve past misunderstandings

This week, look more critically toward your relations with others and try to bring past misunderstandings out to the fore. If you had been ignoring these misunderstandings until now, this is the right time to openly discuss the subjects which you've been unable to reach agreement on. This will help you quell your doubts in others and relax. Week's end brings a time for reevaluation, where you'll have to compare the effort invested with the results.

Virgo - Use logic to solve your problems

Only via open communication will you be able to resolve the tension that's risen up between you and those closest to you. Use your mind and logic to clear things up and don't let your raging emotions spin off the rails. Throughout the next few days, an opportunity is going to arise for you to form a more stable circle of people around yourself and to discover reliable individuals, who will support you in realizing your projects. During the final days of the week, focus on your home and try to make the atmosphere around you more cozy and comfortable.

Libra - Build a strong system of principles

Throughout this week, there's going to be tension erupting between your opinion and that of those closest. Your personal ambitions and desires are going to contradict those of the people around you, which may turn out to be a big challenge to your relations. Try to be more gentle and diplomatic during the emerged conflicts and not to trample over good manners. As the days progress toward December 3, it would be wise to erect strong principles on which to lean on in the future.

Scorpio - Control your emotions

This week it's possible that you'll spin out of control more often, especially if you've been undeservedly generous to those around you. Over the next few days, you're going to clearly see who's taking advantage of your generosity and this will annoy you. It's time to place clearer boundaries on your helpfulness but this should happen within the scope of good tone. Don't let yourself blow up in front of people whom you see on a daily basis. As the days progress toward December 3, try to clear up any debt.

Sagittarius - Seek advice from loved ones

Expect a dynamic week of quite conflicting events that'll be pulling you in 2 different directions. It may be more difficult for you to make decisions, while the information you receive may not be reliable enough to sway you. Seek the opinion of your closest loved ones. You may have to endure serious criticism regarding your behavior but the advice will turn out to be beneficial and will help you smooth our misunderstandings. The 2nd half of the week will create more opportunities for romance and tranquility for you.

Capricorn - Be active and don't give up

Over the next week, you're going to have more professional obligations than usual, while the deadlines could stress you out and cause you headaches. Relations with coworkers aren't going to be running smoothly either, in turn bringing additional obstacles before the tasks you've undertaken. But this is no time to despair and give up, instead get a move on and try to bend the circumstances to your will. Only through action and by setting specific goals will you be able to handle the difficulties.

Aquarius - Talk openly about your problems

Discuss your problems plainly this week because you're not going to get anywhere with hints alone. No matter the kind of misunderstandings, put your cards on the table and speak openly about the problems. Only through honesty will you be able to bring balance to your personal relationships. As the week progresses, you'll be able to count on your friends even more, while their advice will help you avoid problems. At the end of the week, expect recognition from a person with authority.

Pisces - Don't hide from the truth

Throughout this week, you're going to have to make important decisions regarding your earnings and you may not feel confident enough to initiate significant changes. But you shouldn't close your eyes to the facts, instead think about how to utilize the circumstances to your advantage. Don't act impulsively and under the influence of your feelings, rather think reasonably about how to stabilize your budget situation. Seek aid if you're not handling things by yourself.