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Your Horoscope Until April 1! Find out What to Expect

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The period between March 26 and April 1 is going to be a conflicting and emotional one for most zodiac signs. The week begins quite exhaustingly. From the very first few days we'll need to prove ourselves both in the personal aspect and at the workplace.

But Wednesday is looking to be the most disastrous day, for a number of obstacles are going to pop up and plague us until Saturday. We're also going to find ourselves face to face with provocators who know how to drive us off the rails.

There also won't be any lack of moments of temptation. We're going to have to mobilize our strength and deal with the crisis. If we maintain our concentration and positivism, the storm is going to pass relatively peacefully.

The new month begins on Sunday and this is going to drive many of us into a new stage of life. Subjects are going to come to mind that are going to matter for months to come, maybe even years. And while for some these issues are going to bring joy, for others they are going to be unpleasant.

Aries - Be assertive and irreconcilable

Before you lies a week in which contrasting emotions are going to alternate. You're going to face a series of challenges and just when you're ready to celebrate your first victories you'll realize that the real battle has only just begun. You're going to have to find allies because it's going to be hard for you to get through everything by yourself.

Taurus - You face your enemies and drama queens

This week you're going to realize that not everything around you is as wonderful as it seems. It may turn out that some of those you had trusted most aren't genuinely happy for your successes. It's also completely possible that that same person will stab you in the back when you have the greatest need of their support. You're going to have to review your relationships and remove certain people from your life.

Gemini - You're entering a new stage

Your experiences on Monday and Tuesday are going to leave you with the impression that everything is against you. But don't rush to freak out. The misunderstandings in your life are actually going to clear up by the end of the week and during the weekend you're going to enter a new life stage. It may also turn out that you had been severely fooling yourself regarding someone close to you. You may even end your relationship with them.

Cancer - Nothing can get in the way of your goals

Even though some obstacles will get in your way at the beginning of the new week, you're going to feel an influx of energy. Your enthusiasm is going to be so high that nothing will be able to make you lose focus. But at the same time you're going to be susceptible to certain hasty actions, influenced by your feelings. That's why it is wise to ponder over your actions and not give in to emotions.

Leo - Don't overestimate your abilities

On Monday and Tuesday you're going to handle all of your tasks with ease but after that you'll be standing face to face with problems beyond your abilities. Seek the collaboration of others. Otherwise you're going to exhaust yourself extremely, without reaching the desired results. On Saturday take care of your relations with those closest to you. There are some discrepancies between you.

Virgo - Avoid risky activities

You're in for an exhausting and even dangerous week. Try to bring all risky activities down to a minimum. Don't take up anything too extreme that could lead to serious health consequences. Also postpone any important decisions for next month. Saturday is a good day to finish everything you've begun and spring clean your home.

Libra - Tension grows in your relationships

The week is going to be a tense one for you. Your nerves will be pulled taut, while the circumstances around you aren't going to be very favorable. If you can't handle the stress, you may find yourself exploding and ruining your relations with coworkers, employers, friends. Try to avoid these sorts of risks because it'll be hard for you later on.

Scorpio - You're forced to change your life

This week you're going to have to make some changes to your daily routine and most of all quit your unhealthy habits. You'll have to turn your back on these negative habits that are bad not only for you but those around you as well, due to health or personal reasons. You're going to have to express great willpower and courage to deal with the situation.

Sagittarius - Your plans won't be realized

This week you're going to have to deal with unexpected tasks that are going to take up all of your time. So the plans you've had for the weekend will likely fall through. Don't be quick to despair though. You'll be entering a new phase starting Sunday and many new opportunities will open before you that you haven't even dreamed of.

Capricorn - Act reasonably

Over the next few days you're going to be exceptionally energetic, active but also impatient. The aura is going to push you to finish everything you've begun but to also embark on reckless courses of action. If you don't direct all of your energy in the right undertakings, there's a danger of causing losses and trauma to yourself. So be more restrained and consider all of the options well before embarking on the next adventure.

Aquarius - You may fall into an emotional crisis

There's a possibility this week for some of your plans to not become realized and for this to ruin you emotionally. But never forget that the sun shines again after every storm, that the best is yet to come. Just have patience. You'll be entering a new phase starting Sunday and can expect happier moments.

Pisces - Be wary in your daily routine

This week is not recommended for renovation, shopping and gambling. So decide carefully what's worth the risk and what isn't. On Saturday your relations with friends may tense due to financial issues. If you've borrowed money try to pay them back before the beginning of the weekend because otherwise you'll have quarrels in store.