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What to Prepare for on November 17 According to the Horoscope


Over the course of the day, try to finish what you've already begun and avoid falling into conflicts and arguments because this will hurt the work you've done so far.

Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are in a tense aspect today, warning us to control our raging emotions. You're not advised to react too impulsively, instead stick to the already established agenda.

The harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune continues today as well, motivating us toward art-related activities and the sharing of feelings. If you're not the creative type, you can read a book or watch a movie because these can inspire new plans in your mind.


Expect a barrier in communication today - it's possible that others simply won't understand the motivation for your actions, while you won't receive the desired support. But try not to get angry and attack others, instead try to explain your intentions. Stick to the point, without allowing emotions into your rational explanation.


Be more diplomatic today because if you're overly demanding in your wishes, not only will they not be fulfilled but you'll also repel all those individuals who had sympathized with you. Adapt to the circumstances at hand and although you dislike drastic changes, try to look at their positive side and take advantage of them instead of resisting.


Today, you're going to have the opportunity to be honest with the people around you and to clear up misunderstandings with them. It's definitely not going to be easy to admit past lies and secrets but it's the only way you'll give others a chance to understand you. As soon as you rid yourself of the fears of others' disapproval, your self-confidence is going to skyrocket.


Although you dislike getting others around you involved in your problems, if you continue to avoid others and suffer alone, you're not going to get far. Share your fears and seek advice because you're not going to find the answers to your questions if you continue hiding. Take the first step and you'll become convinced that talking about your worries isn't so terrifying after all.


Balancing between work and fun is going to turn out to be a difficult task today, with the issue continuing until you set some kind of priorities for yourself. Determine the goals you have the greatest desire of achieving and focus on those. Concentrate on what you truly want and accept that you can't be everywhere at once.


Try to act with greater confidence and self-esteem today because if you hesitate even for a second regarding your plans, someone will take advantage of your lack of confidence. Even if others don't show understanding regarding your goals, don't give up on what you have planned. Overcome your stress and fears and follow your dreams.


If discrepancies emerge today, overcome your need to always have understanding with other and speak directly regarding the problems. Don't fan the flames of conflict due to your disagreements but likewise, don't be on the other extreme - agreeing with something uncomfortable for you just to keep the peace.


Throughout the day, pay more mind to your emotional side, instead of active work and actions. Seek out people with whom you can comfortably talk about your past failures and disappointments. A load will be lifted off your shoulders, plus others may be highly impressed by what you're telling them and start looking at you in a new light.


You may hear more than the usual amount of criticism aimed at you today and even though you're immune to negative opinions, it will be difficult to turn your back on harsh words. However, learn to spot the difference between constructive feedback and outright offenses. Heed the words that aim to improve your work and ignore those whose goal is to destroy your self-confidence.


Throughout the day you may get into verbal confrontations with those around you but try not to personally attack them, instead hold true to the subject you're arguing about. Express your personal opinion out loud and even if people who contradict you appear, defend your view point. But don't try to undervalue the opportunities and achievements of others just to feel right.


Today you're going to have to build a bridge between your future expectations and reality. Bring your long-term goals to the fore and look around you in order to figure out what tools you have available at the moment. You have to lay the foundations for your big dreams. So look to the future and don't be distracted by unimportant things.


Prepare for huge turnabouts today, without panicking when there's changes in your plans. Imagine that fate is giving you the opportunity to view your plans in a new light and take advantage of this. Today is the day to say goodbye to your past prejudices.