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What to Prepare for Until October 1 According to the Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

The events until October 1 are going to provide us more clarity and despite the dose of tension, these same will allow us to clear up the way toward our goals and dreams.

The 2 oppositions of Jupiter and Uranus, as well as Venus and Neptune, are going to bring us to face great contradictions, although it is these very differences that will enable us to take what we need. Don't run from challenges over the next few days, as they will open your eyes to reality.

At the end of the week, Mercury will be entering the sign of Libra, while Pluto will be leaving its retrograde phase. This will allow us to bring more harmony into our relationships with others.

Aries - Don't give up on work you've begun

Throughout the next few days it's likely you'll take on more obligations than you're used to, so come up with a schedule and determine your priorities from the very beginning of the week. Even if complications arise, don't quit what you've already started, instead work until you've finish it. Toward the end of the weekend you're going to have to defend your position more insistently, so try to find arguments to support your opinion in front of others.

Taurus - Be more open with others around you

Throughout the new week, you're going to have to invest more effort in your relations with those around you. Use the days until October 1 to clear up all doubt between you and they. Don't hesitate to talk about painful subjects because as soon as you share, you'll be relieved and find understanding. You can create true harmony in communication as long as you're more open.

Gemini - Help those around you

Over the next few days, take on more responsibility both at work and in your personal relationships. Even though you feel less anxious when lazing about and not thinking about anything serious, this time you'll be forced to exhibit more compassion by helping those around you with their tasks. Feelings must give way to reason, in order for you to make rational decisions and be beneficial to loved ones. While under the influence of your emotions, you may say or do things which you will later regret.

Cancer - Hear out those around you

This week, try to meet all of the deadlines and treat your friends and colleagues properly because the attitude you're showing now will come back at you later on. Conflicts and tensions are possible but before you react furiously, you have to make sure that there's not even an ounce of truth in the words of those around you. If out of pure pride and unwillingness to respect others' opinions you don't hear out their advice toward you, you'll be facing dire consequences.

Leo - Pay more attention to others

This week you're going to have to be proving to those around you that you're a responsible and reliable person. Your words need to turn to actions this week because that's the only way you'll be able to win the trust of others. Don't ignore your relatives who are looking to you for emotional and material support, instead be by their side during the hard times. You need to be more caring and pay more attention to others, rather than yourself.

Virgo - Don't suppress your emotions

In the days until October 1 you may feel less confident when communicating with others, and it may even seem that even those closest to you don't understand and support you. Your emotions will shine radiantly, so don't suppress them in your desire to appear strong and tough. If you feel that someone is being insincere with you or using you, try to find out the truth. You may hear much criticism about your behavior but you're going to feel better emotionally.

Libra - Don't avoid responsibility

This week you're not going to be feeling in your element because while you dream of peace and harmony, the circumstances are going to be quite tense and provoking more conflicts than laughter and pleasant conversations. Don't try to run away from responsibility and hide in some corner until the storm passes, instead take on your share of the responsibility. Assist others with their hardships and try to synthesize your viewpoints, even if they appear completely opposite.

Scorpio - Seek information on the subjects that interest you

Whatever ideas have got you excited over these past few days, try to dig up more information about them this week. You'll be able to successfully separate truth from fiction, so dig deep and strive to become more informed about the subjects that interest you. Also strive to have more faith in those closest to you by relinquishing a part of your tasks to them. By relying on friends, relatives or your partner, you'll be able to more quickly realize your goals.

Sagittarius - Work with diligence toward realizing your dreams

Prepare for a solid dose of tension this week in terms of your professional projects and long-term goals. But just because weighty obstacles have appeared before your dreams does not mean that you should give up on them and start something new. Recognize the efforts you've put in thus far and mobilize yourself in order to handle the difficulties. Solutions will begin you appear toward the end of the week as a result of your boldness and consistency.

Capricorn - Be more decisive

Throughout this week, expect changes in your old plans but do not resist the new because new opportunities will help you realize your goals faster. You have to act immediately and be bolder, in order not to miss the created opportunities. If you display decisiveness now, in the coming months you're going to be much more confident and free in taking decisive steps for a better future.

Aquarius - Be more committed toward your obligations

The new week may motivate you to take on more than task. But try to be more committed to your obligations and uphold whatever promises you make. First analyze the conditions around whatever it is that you're interested in, in order to make sure you're focusing your efforts in the right direction. Toward week's end, support is going to come from the sidelines, which is going to further stimulate you.

Pisces - Be smart with your money

The new week raises uncertainty in the material aspect. You may be left with the feeling that your money is slipping through your fingers and no matter how much you try to save, you still find yourself in a dead-end street money-wise. But this is no time to panic or do anything risky because this would only further complicate the situation. Think carefully and take a more resourceful approach, so that there's a use to your actions.