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What to Prepare for in the Week Until June 4

Zodiac Signs

In the days until June 4 we're going to be faced with conflicting situations if our actions fly in the face of the rules. Mars in Gemini is going to be in opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, which means that if we're too direct we can expect serious confrontations.

Obeying the rules is also going to be necessary because of the configuration between Saturn, Uranus and Venus. The 3 planets form a trine, requiring us to synchronize our thoughts and actions. A significant portion of our problems will find a rational solution.

Mars enters Cancer at the end of the week. As a result of this transition, any turbulent actions are going to be toned down and we're going to feel a greater need for being with our loved ones, instead of chasing after big achievements.

Aries - Give ground

If you've been having little disputes with certain individuals, this week they are going to flare up and you're going to have to find a solution to the misunderstandings, instead of avoiding them. Even in your communication with those closest to you you're going to see obstacles and this will continue until you give at least a little ground and be more diplomatic. During the 2nd half of the week, you're going to have more opportunities for defending your personal interests and imposing your opinion.

Taurus - Be ready for negotiations

Don't rush to make decisions and sign contracts at the start of the week, before you've had a chance to familiarize yourself with all of the terms and conditions. Look over every single point in detail and try not to be too egotistical because you'd only lose more than you'd win. Be ready for negotiations and consider what is most beneficial in the given situation, not what your greatest ambitions are. Rely more on your 6th sense when experiencing serious hesitation.

Gemini - You have to make more compromises

This week you're going to be facing some very difficult choices. Your personal interests and desires are going to come in direct conflict with your obligations and the promises you've given. It may be difficult for you to put yourself in another's shoes but you're going to have to make some sort of compromise in the name of harmony and peace, as well as to avoid complications with others. During the 2nd half of the week, your attention may be drawn to a loved one who has need of your care. You may bring a smile on someone's face just by being there.

Cancer - Divvy up your obligations

You may find yourself experiencing a drop in energy at the start of the week, even if you've been resting until now. So don't rush to try to complete every single task right at the beginning of the week, instead divvy them up. Tension may be higher on Monday and Tuesday but starting Wednesday you're going to experience greater relief. Toward week's end, you're going to transform into the center of attention for your entire family. Part of your ambitions, related to the home and those closest to you, will once again activate and you're going to feel a strong desire to realize them.

Leo - Take others' opinions into consideration

In the days until June 4 you're advised to seek the guidance of those closest to you and to consider their opinions, rather than acting alone. Even if you're fully convinced in your viewpoint, you may be overlooking important details that others will pick up on. Try to work as part of a team and be more sympathetic toward others. At the end of the week, your social contacts are going to bring you vast benefits, providing you a clearer picture of your plans.

Virgo - You have the opportunity to shine as a leader

This week, the ambitious side of your character is going to feel provoked and it's possible for the new circumstances at work to bring your ability to organize and be a leader out in the open. You may also experience difficulties in setting your priorities

because your familial and professional tasks will seem equally important, although you must not run from responsibility. Take control of the situation - your analytical mind will protect you from serious mistakes. Eventually, you're going to enjoy great successes because you will not have been afraid to stand in the center of events.

Libra - Be careful when communicating with others

Throughout the new week, be wary with your use of words because if you're too rough toward others and aren't respectful of their feelings, you're eventually going to experience the exact same thing. Control yourself in critical situations and try to collaborate with others, instead of blaming each other. Try to be a team player in the days until June 4, as this will pay off. More opportunities will open up for you at week's end, allowing you to realize your intentions the way you see them.

Scorpio - Don't miss important information

Try not to lose your concentration in the days until June 4, rather keep a close eye on every person and event around you. Stay away from drama but don't miss what the gossipers are saying because you may receive valuable information from them. Before you make decisions of any kind, it's important to be familiar with every single detail related to your work. Your plans could start down a completely different path due to the new information, which will also allow you to gain the most from your efforts.

Sagittarius - Be more persistent, in order to reach your goals

You're going to be more tense at the start of the week and you may encounter various obstacles along the way to executing your plans. But this doesn't mean that you should give up, instead put in extra effort to realize your intentions. Throughout this week, you're going to realize what is truly important to you and what you can easily refrain from because it is nothing but pure indulgence. Beginning the 2nd half of the week, you're going to have to bring better stability to your finances.

Capricorn - Don't give in to emotional provocations

It's not a good idea to allow yourself to be influenced by your emotions in the days until June 4 because you may create huge problems for yourself. Stick to a sobering analysis of events and don't take anything too personally, in order not to get in your own way. Think about what's best for your development and don't give in to provocations. Toward the end of the week, more liveliness may ensue at home, distracting you from serious tasks. Allow yourself a brief break after the hectic week.

Aquarius - Don't rush to make categorical decisions

Throughout this new week, you're going to have to follow the rules strictly and make your choices carefully. Don't rush to express an opinion before you're completely sure of it. Study the circumstances and seek others' opinions in order to put the puzzle pieces together in your head before taking a specific position. Expect to meet some very interesting people at the end of the week; some of them may even be quite beneficial in the future.

Pisces - Be more stern with others

The circumstances this week are going to force you to be more demanding toward others and not as easily trusting as before. Express authority and demand that your hard work be recognized. If you don't look after your interests, you're going to become a victim of circumstance and not realize your dreams. You have to display a more stern character and be more unwavering. Expect more pleasant events and strong emotions, provoked by big surprises, toward week's end.



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