Who is Seneca?

Who is Seneca?
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You must have heard the expressions To err is human or The best medicine for anger is time, which probably even you use often. But you probably know that they are more than 2 millennia old and were said by none other than the inimitable Roman thinker, philosopher, writer and politician - Seneca.

Let's take a closer look at what kind of person Seneca was and then we'll introduce you to some of his other thoughts that have proven themselves over time and have become catchphrases.

Seneca's real name is Lucius Aeneas Seneca. He was born about 4 BC in the city of Cordoba, Spain, which was then part of the Roman Empire. He comes from a wealthy family and his father, who is a prominent public speaker, makes every effort to ensure that his children receive the best possible education.

Quite logically, the young Seneca follows in his father's footsteps and even goes beyond him. Faithful to the school of Stoicism, he was considered the founder of the New Stoa (the movement that marked the end of Stoicism) and entered the senate at a very young age. His oratory was so admirable that before long Caligula envied him and even condemned him to death.

Fortunately, Seneca saves himself, but after only a few years, Claudius' wife, Messalina, accuses him of an act of adultery and he falls into disgrace. He was pardoned by Agrippina, another wife of Claudius, who even made him tutor to her son Nero. The same Nero known for his changeable mood and his cruelty.

Seneca remained faithful to Nero until the end of his days and even defended him despite all the bloodshed associated with the emperor's tyranny. The sad end of this story lies in the fact that it was Nero, as a result of a conspiracy against him, who ordered Seneca to commit suicide. This takes place in AD 65.

Although this happened not centuries ago, but entire millennia, even the younger generation knows (or at least partially) who Seneca is. His name is mentioned in philosophy, ethics, etc. classes, but for those of you whose school years are long forgotten, we have selected 10 Unforgettable Seneca Quotes by this eminent Roman thinker.

Gold tests with fire, woman with gold, man with woman.

Happiness doesn't have long arms. It embraces whoever approaches it.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Associate only with those who will make a better man of you. Welcome those whom you yourself can improve.

It is foolish to make plans for your whole life, since you are not the master even of tomorrow.

The fulfillment of our strongest desires often becomes the source of our greatest sorrows.

Life is long if it is full... Let's measure it by actions, not time.

Even after a bad harvest there must be sowing.

Live among men as if God were looking at you. Pray to God as if men were listening to people.

He who depends on happiness, shouldn't be seen as happy.