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Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Curious facts and stories about ancient civilizations that experienced their rise and fall and then disappeared forever from our sight, but continue to be a source of confusion among archaeologists, students and historians today. How developed were ancient civilizations and what led to their demise?
Constantinople - Rise and FallConstantinople - Rise and Fall
09 Dec.
Constantinople was built by Emperor Constantine and was called the City of Constantine. Constantinople quickly became a center of science and culture.
Xerxes I - Rise, Reign and FallXerxes I - Rise, Reign and Fall
05 Dec.
Xerxes I was a king of Persia from the Achaemenid dynasty. Even his name means hero among kings, the heroic king. These titles are due not to personal merit, but to his ancestry. Read more.
Ötzi The IcemanÖtzi The Iceman
21 Nov.
Otzi The Iceman is the name scientists have given to an accidentally discovered mummified corpse of a man who lived 5, 300 years ago. Otzi is the oldest human being fully preserved to this day.
Who are the Atlanteans?Who are the Atlanteans?
19 Nov.
Atlantis died more than 350 thousand years ago, but part of its population survived until the tenth millennium BC. What did the Atlanteans look like?
Mughal EmpireMughal Empire
13 Nov.
The Great Mughals were an empire created by the Turks after conquering India and the lands around it in the 16th century. The Mughal Empire was an extremely rich country. Its sultans wallow in opulence.
The Lost Civilization of RamaThe Lost Civilization of Rama
26 Feb.
The Rama empire was a highly advanced civilization, whose population was centered in densely populated cities ruled by kings who were also priests, highly intelligent and enlightened people.
Archaeologists Find Remains of Mysterious Submerged City Near NaplesArchaeologists Find Remains of Mysterious Submerged City Near Naples
20 Mar.
3000 years ago the region around Castel dell'Ovo established itself as an attractive focal point for many merchants and adventurers since it was rich in minerals.
The Solomonic Dynasty - Millennial Rulers of the EastThe Solomonic Dynasty - Millennial Rulers of the East
15 Dec.
The Solomonic Dynasty was one of the longest-reigning lines of monarchs in world history. The mighty rulers of the East dominated the Ethiopian empire for centuries until the not-so-distant 1974, when a national coup put an end to their reign.
A River in India Dries Up! Signs of Ancient Civilization Found at BottomA River in India Dries Up! Signs of Ancient Civilization Found at Bottom
24 Oct.
The river bottom is littered with round stones. On all sides, there are beautiful geometric shapes carved with enviable precision. The majority of the stones depict deities from Hindu mythology.
The Ancient City of the Dwarves Makhunik Bewilders ArchaeologistsThe Ancient City of the Dwarves Makhunik Bewilders Archaeologists
27 May
In the 40s of the 20th century in the desert around Shahdad, Kerman Province in Iran, archaeologists came upon a mysterious village. The settlement, which bears the name Makhunik, was once home to an ancient civilization of dwarves.
Ancient City of Man-Ape Civilization DiscoveredAncient City of Man-Ape Civilization Discovered
09 Mar.
The ancient civilization of man-apes is not very well known to science but is believed to have existed in antiquity. With the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, its residents hid as deep in the jungle as they possibly could to escape.