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Artifacts and Manuscripts

Artifacts and Manuscripts

Artifacts and manuscripts from the near and far past. Following in the footsteps of ancient manuscripts and artifacts that excite humanity today.
Legendary Lost TreasuresLegendary Lost Treasures
02 June
The treasures of the Knights Templar were legendary. It is said that the order began to hoard treasures since the very First Crusade in the Holy Land.
The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
The oldest sunglasses ever were discovered on Baffin Island, Canada. Scientists theorize they were worn by the Arctic Inuit, who eventually brought them to Canada. The sunglasses were made of walrus hide and bone and are at least 1200-1600 years old.
The Nebra Sky DiskThe Nebra Sky Disk
15 Sept.
The disk is decorated with symbols of a crescent, the Sun, stars and Pleiades. The artifact, which was later given the nickname the Nebra Sky Disk in honor of the area in which it was discovered, immediately sparked the interest of scientists.
The Voynich Manuscript - a 102-Year-Old Historical MysteryThe Voynich Manuscript - a 102-Year-Old Historical Mystery
11 Dec.
The codex consists of 240 pages, written in a completely unknown language. There are colorful illustrations of various plants and objects on every page, which people of the Middle Ages did not even know existed.
Ancient Text Reveals the Location of King Solomon's TreasureAncient Text Reveals the Location of King Solomon's Treasure
21 Jan.
According to the translations of the ancient text, the religious artifacts, golden musical instruments and other treasures from the Garden of Eden are found in an unreachable place, which will not be revealed until the day of the Second Coming.
Gospel of Judas is AuthenticGospel of Judas is Authentic
01 May
The discovery of the Gospel of Judas, in the late seventies of the 20th century in El Minya in Egypt, called into question the role of Judas as the betrayer of Jesus Christ.