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Historical Figures

Historical Figures

Curious stories and facts about historical figures that have become an integral part of our perceptions of history. Historical figures who have contributed in one direction or another to the development of humanity.
Who is Seneca?Who is Seneca?
23 Mar.
Life is long if it is full. . . Let's measure it by actions, not time. Let's take a closer look at who and what kind of person Seneca was and then we'll introduce you to some of his other thoughts.
Stalin - the Heartless DictatorStalin - the Heartless Dictator
07 Mar.
Stalin is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable dictators in the world and one of the most heartless ones.
Torquemada - the Grand InquisitorTorquemada - the Grand Inquisitor
04 Mar.
The first grand inquisitor of Spain, Thomas de Torquemada, was born in 1420 in the family of an official of the Dominican order. The History and Life of Thomas de Torquemada.
Louis XIV - History, Life and AchievementsLouis XIV - History, Life and Achievements
13 Dec.
Birth and origin of Louis XIV, called the Sun King. Facts, achievements and reign of Louis XIV. Building absolutism under the Sun King.
The History of HippocratesThe History of Hippocrates
13 Dec.
If you've decided to read this article, titled The History of Hippocrates, we're probably going to disappoint you a bit, because very little is really known about him.
The History of Octavian AugustusThe History of Octavian Augustus
30 Nov.
Octavian Augustus, also called Augustus Caesar or Octavian, was born as Gaius Octavius on September 23, 63 BC. He was the first Roman emperor after the fall of the republic. See more.
Genghis Khan - The Conqueror of The WorldGenghis Khan - The Conqueror of The World
28 Nov.
Temujin was born in 1162, and his name means Blacksmith. In 1206, he accepted the nickname Genghis Khan, given to him by the other chiefs. Golden rules of Genghis Khan - the conqueror of the world.
The History and Empire of Alexander the GreatThe History and Empire of Alexander the Great
28 Nov.
Alexander the Great is deservedly called that and for good reason. Life, reign and campaigns of Alexander the Great.
The History and Empire of CharlemagneThe History and Empire of Charlemagne
25 Nov.
Charlemagne was born on April 2, 747. He was the greatest king of the Franks. He manages to create a state unprecedented in size and power since the time of the Roman Empire, which collapsed three centuries earlier.
Christopher Columbus - Facts, Voyages and DiscoveriesChristopher Columbus - Facts, Voyages and Discoveries
16 Oct.
When we talk about the Great Geographical Discoveries made by European navigators during the Middle Ages, the 15th-18th centuries, the first name that comes to mind is - Christopher Columbus.