Who are the Atlanteans?

Who are the Atlanteans?

Among the most ancient human myths is that of disappeared previous civilizations on Earth, of which no trace remains except the mysterious legends of their superpowers, which our modern society today has not reached.

It is believed that there are 4 ancient civilizations preceding ours, but the most famous of them is the Atlantean. Stories about the island of Atlantis have excited the ancient Greeks and continue to arouse interest today and speculations multiply more and more.

The questions surrounding Atlantis and its mysterious population - the Atlanteans are curious and exciting. There is nothing about this ancient legend that does not arouse interest from every point of view, for it may prove to be an important link in the history of our civilization. Therefore, it is interesting to systematize all the legendary knowledge about Atlanteans from ancient times to the present day.

Historical summary of Atlantis from ancient times to the present day

For more than 2, 000 years, attempts have continued to give an exact answer to the question: did the ultra-developed Atlantean civilization really exist, or is it just a myth, a distant echo of events related to human development?

The first written information about Atlantis and the Atlanteans are the ancient writings of Plato Timaeus and Critias. Around 335 BC, the philosopher tells that the Greek statesman Solon learned from an Egyptian priest the story of the tragically lost island of Atlantis, destroyed in just one night.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, mythical Atlantis again entered the public eye, revived by writers such as Francis Bacon. Donnelly in his work Atlantis, the world before the flood presents evidence from the field of various sciences, with which he wants to prove the existence of the Golden City, as Atlantis was called and the evolution of its inhabitants.

In modern times, new information and all sorts of theories about this mythical continent come out. Some esotericists like Helena Blavatsky are completely convinced of the existence of this mysterious civilization. The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce also gives quite detailed information about the inhabitants of Atlantis, and Ernst Muldashev participates in expeditions looking for real traces of Atlanteans in the caves of Tibet, as well as in various places on Earth.

Supposed location of Atlantis


When talking about the home of the ancient Atlanteans, the first question is about its location. It is also not clarified and the assumptions are really a lot.

The possibilities stop at the Greek island of Terra, the Arctic, the Caucasus, Spain, France, Malta, Crimea, North Africa, South America, the Sahara. However, the Atlantic Ocean is considered the most likely place. Somewhere in its waters it is believed that the remains of this civilization lie, since even the names of these objects have the same linguistic root.

Wherever this wonderful place was, all agree that it was a veritable garden of paradise, a center of trade in a fertile land, to which the wealth and prosperity of the fabled country were due.

What did the Atlanteans look like?

This is an extremely curious question, to which there is no way to give a definitively correct answer, because the remains of Atlanteans have not been found, but the assumptions are really in the realm of the wildest fiction.

Research in the field of sciences such as paleo-astronautics, space archeology, as well as the world's genetic pool, along with the deciphering of ancient texts, led to the summation of incredible versions of the appearance and capabilities of the ancient Atlanteans.

According to the books of Indian swami and manuscripts of the Pimpo religion, Atlantis died more than 350 thousand years ago, but part of its population survived, until the tenth millennium BC.

They had a rather shocking appearance from today's perspective.

There were 4 races of them - yellow, black, brown and red. They had a huge skull, a mouth connected to the cut of a valve-like nose and large ears. The earliest Atlanteans, who lived more than 100, 000 years ago, were over 3 meters tall and very well-muscled.

Their feet were fins and between their fingers there were webs of navigation. Their genitals were hidden inside the body. They also possessed an organ that now does not exist - the third eye, which was housed in the cranial cavity.

The first representatives inhabited both the sea and the land, but gradually the shells and fin-like growths became stunted. The valve-like opening was replaced by a short nose and their stature began to decrease.

Spiritual and technological capabilities of the Atlanteans


The Atlantean civilization is believed to have been of divine origin. Some theories equate him to an alien. According to the prophet Edgar Cayce, in the beginning they were immaterial beings, which in time materialized.

Only in this way can their spiritual and technological capabilities be explained. They were a highly developed society with a perfect system and way of governing. They possessed highly developed technologies, about which today our society does not even have a concept. They moved freely in outer space with ships and probably had encounters with various space beings.

Their spiritual capabilities surpass anything we can imagine. The presence of the third eye among the Atlanteans gave them the opportunity to communicate and transmit information from a distance, for teleportation and other unthinkable possibilities for us, such as the somatic state.

Somati is known to Eastern religions as meditation that repels negative psychic energy and one understands the leading role of the soul. In a deep somatic state the metabolism drops to almost zero, the pulse and breathing stop and the body takes on a stone like state. This way a person can survive for a very long time and wake up after centuries if the soul has the strength to return to the body. It is believed that somati is an opportunity to preserve the genetic pool of humanity and give it a restart after a cataclysm.

How did the Atlanteans disappear and did they really disappear without a trace?

According to the legends, the Atlanteans, who were endowed with deep knowledge, developed technologically and spiritually, became too proud, greedy and cruel to other people. They conquered their territories and enslaved their population. When they lost all balance, a powerful natural disaster destroyed them overnight.

Modern geologists are adamant that there is no such natural disaster that would destroy and submerge an entire continent overnight.

If the story of Atlantis is true, its disappearance was not accidental and was not caused by a natural cataclysm. It is possible that some other extraterrestrial force ended this civilization.

Who are the Atlanteans?

Surely, however, there is no way that all Atlanteans have disappeared without a trace. Speculations lead to the conclusion that the remaining living Atlanteans scattered across Earth and hybridized with the rest of the human population. This is evidenced by some scientific studies on people, especially in terms of visual capabilities. Ernst Muldashev believes that the people of Tibet are the closest to what is left as a legacy of the ancient civilization.

According to other researchers, thousands of pre-Adamites live among us today, that is, predecessors of Adam, as the ancient Atlanteans are considered to be.

Whether all this is true cannot be said for sure, because there is not enough scientific data to support it. The work of the researchers in the future will perhaps provide a definitive answer to all questions and doubts about the most ancient highly developed civilization on our planet.

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