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Archaeologists Find Remains of Mysterious Submerged City Near Naples

Castel dell'Ovo

Ancient ruins have been discovered underwater near Naples, Italy. According to archaeological studies they were once part of a port village known as Palepolis.

After analysis of the area around Castel dell'Ovo, experts came upon 4 tunnels that had not been previously discovered. Additionally they found a moat, as well as a street about 10 ft (3 m) long.

According to Italian archaeologists the new research in the region and the found ruins are significantly important. They provide clearer clues about Palepolis and shine a new light on its mysterious image.

3000 years ago the region around Castel dell'Ovo established itself as an attractive focal point for many merchants and adventurers since it was rich in minerals. This transformed it into a point of contention which both the Greeks and Etruscans fought over.