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A River in India Dries Up! Signs of Ancient Civilization Found at Bottom

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India River Stones
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The latest find in India will make the hairs on your head stand on end. A river has dried up, while something truly baffling has been found at its bottom.

Recently, part of the Karnataka River in India was drained following an administrative plan for completing irrigation infrastructure in the region. To everyone's surprise, the bottom of the river revealed something that not even scientists and conspiracy buffs can easily explain.

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The river bottom is littered with round stones. On all sides, there are beautiful geometric shapes carved with enviable precision. The majority of the stones depict deities from Hindu mythology. All of them have been slightly eroded by the water.

Scientists' analyses show that the stones at the river bottom are more than 10 000 years old. However, this contradicts history as we know it.

Indian Civilization
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Mainstream Indian history rejects the idea of a civilization existing in the area so long ago that would have been capable of crafting such geometric figures in stone. It would have been impossible considering the primitive tools available at the time.

The only explanation for the laser precision of the craftsmanship is the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization on Earth in the distant past. Evidence of such can be found in many area of the world, the most prominent example being the Pyramids at Giza.