Most popular superstitions

Most popular superstitions

Superstitions are still popular, because people prefer to explain the inexplicable things through supernatural intervention.


Black Cats

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Black Cats - Can Animals predict?

Can Animals predict?


If cats emerge around your house, this is a sign of future failures, especially if they are black cats. If you find a horse shoe, save it, because it is charged with positive energy.

Black Cats - The cat and the darkness

The cat and the darkness


Some believe that black cats bring bad luck and misfortune. According to the Chinese legends the cats were chosen by the gods to rule the world but failed. Black cats are a symbol of evil.

Black Cats - Cats and witchcraft

Cats and witchcraft


In folklore the cat is the animal that is always the attendant to witches, wizards and fortune tellers in related cat superstitions.

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