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German Superstitions about Good Luck and Wealth

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Near 1/4 of all Germans practice various superstitions for attracting good luck and wealth, reveals a study from the Allensbach Institute.

These beliefs go back millennia and clearly define what one should be afraid of and what rituals need to be followed.

Touch a chimney sweeper

As with most people around the world, so too do the Germans believe that touching a chimney sweeper will provide them good luck for life. But for this to happen, touching the chimney sweeper needs to happen accidentally, not intentionally.

This belief is rooted in an old legend according to which the chimneys of people's houses contain everything negative, while the chimney sweeper is burdened with the task of cleaning it because they've struck a deal with the evil spirits and are protected from everything evil. The chimney sweeper's protection can be passed on to anyone who touches him.

Number 13

Avoid the number 13 and surround yourself with 7

For the Germans, the number 13 is a symbol of destruction, death and misfortune, which is why even those born on the 13th celebrate their birthday a day later.

The Germans avoid everything that reminds them of the number 13, while at the same time surrounding themselves with the number 7, which they correlate to luck. According to them, the most fruitful day of the week is Wednesday.

The movement of cats

Generally speaking, a black cat is a symbol of disaster but according to the Germans it's also important which way the animal is going. Your misfortune won't be nearly as bad if the cat crosses your way from left to right, instead of vice versa.

Pat your wallet

On the first day of every New Year, the Germans pat their wallets and their pockets, which have to contain money of some kind. In performing this ritual they believe that they're assuring a bright financial future for themselves.