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Scientists: a New Type of Hurricane will Devastate the Southern HemisphereScientists: a New Type of Hurricane will Devastate the Southern Hemisphere
04 Sept.
Scientists are warning the international community about the emergence of a new class of destructive tropical storms, writes the Daily Mail. They're called "gray swans" and have remained unknown to science until now. Experts...
What is the Descendant?What is the Descendant?
24 Nov.
The descendant is one of the main concepts in astrology. It is 1 of 4 main steps needed to prepare a natal chart. The natal chart or birth chart reflect the position of the stars at the hour and day of a person's birth....
The Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire RoosterThe Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster
12 Dec.
According to the Chinese calendar, the upcoming 2017 falls under the patronage of the Fire Rooster. This will bring warmth and comfort in the family but we're also going to have to rethink some of our life's decisions....
The Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the WorldThe Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the World
18 Nov.
About a century ago, Mary Ann Bevan was proclaimed to be the ugliest woman in the world, after winning a contest designed for the sole purpose of mercilessly making fun of people with physical disabilities. Mary Ann was...
The Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the UniverseThe Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the Universe
13 Nov.
At 16:03 GMT on November 12th, 2014, the Philae probe completed its touchdown on the surface of the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The historical landing was announced by Director General of the European Space Agency...
The Mystery of the Deaths of the Dyatlov Pass IncidentThe Mystery of the Deaths of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
27 July
From the USSR's secret archives, there is a well-known event which led to the mysterious deaths of 9 skiers on the night of February 2, 1959. The incident is documented as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The horrendous event...
What is the Meaning of a Mole on the Chin?What is the Meaning of a Mole on the Chin?
26 Oct.
Interpreting the meaning of moles and their symbolism takes back to the most ancient times. The Ancient Greeks were the first to interpret the meaning of moles, depending on where they are located and their size. Moles...
The Oldest Cities in the WorldThe Oldest Cities in the World
30 Aug.
One of the first signs of developing human civilization was the emergence of the first cities, which groups of people could settle permanently. The names of some of these ancient populated areas can be found even in the...
The Year of the Sun: 2017The Year of the Sun: 2017
13 Jan.
According to the astrological calendar, 2017 falls under the patronage of the Sun, which is going to bring us a number of big changes and unexpected transformations, shedding more light on our goals and problems. Throughout...
The Mysterious Capital of the ZapotecsThe Mysterious Capital of the Zapotecs
27 June
Every time we hear about ancient civilizations in America, most of us immediately think of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. A little known fact is that these were neither the greatest, nor the oldest cultures to rule...
The Magical Properties of the BroomThe Magical Properties of the Broom
17 June
In the realm of magic, the broom is most often linked to witches. According to legends, they used their brooms to fly around on. This item truly does possess powerful magical properties. The broom is the symbol of home...
The Deadliest Poisons on the PlanetThe Deadliest Poisons on the Planet
31 May
There are thousands of toxic substances on our planet. When we hear the word "poison", most of the time we might think of arsenic, cyanide and other similar ones. However, these are by no means the most toxic substances...
The Story of Suleiman the MagnificentThe Story of Suleiman the Magnificent
29 Jan.
Suleiman the Magnificent was one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire. During his reign, the lands of the Turks sprawled from the walls of Vienna in the north to the capital of Yemen in the south and from Baghdad...
The Food of the Ancient SpartansThe Food of the Ancient Spartans
27 Jan.
Besides their skill in battle, the ancient Spartans were also known for their way of life and culture that differed completely from the rest of Ancient Greece. The biggest difference was in the food they ate. Some scientists...
The Mythic Legend Surrounding the DreamcatcherThe Mythic Legend Surrounding the Dreamcatcher
12 Dec.
A dreamcatcher is a talisman that comes from Native American mythology. The Native Americans believed that dreams reflected a person's confidence, maturity, goodness and loyalty. Even though no small number of Indian...