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Your Good Luck is Guaranteed with the Most Stylish Talismans for the Home

Dream Catcher

Regardless of how superstitious we are, every one of us desires good luck. After all, isn't everything we strive for in some way related to peacefulness, happiness, love and great health? Whilst trying to attract prosperity to our home and family, we often reach for various talismans.

Some are charming, others are sinister-looking to say the least. Imagine, for example, a rabbit's foot in the middle of your kitchen or a tiger's tooth. Even if fake, an amulet of this sort could disgust your guests. A small child would definitely not react well to such a sight.

Of course there are other talismans out there that are beautiful, stylish and complement the interior of your home without being too overpowering.


Find out what these luck-loaded souvenirs are that will protect your home and loved ones, while assuring you harmony, happiness and good days to come.

1. Dream catcher

Protects against nightmares and attracts good vibrations.

2. Statuette/picture of an elephant

It brings not only successes but also strengthens the connection between various family members.

3. Living flowers

They freshen up every room and cleanse negative energy.

4. Bowl/basket of apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away because it's good for your health. Plus, it keeps positive energy in the home.

5. Chamomile


A box of chamomile will make your home even more inviting, plus will be useful during cold and flu season. Additionally it will bring you luck.

6. Lights

In many countries they're not used only during the Christmas-New Year's holidays. They're used to decorate the home year-round because they're believed to make it more cozy, harmonious and warm.

7. Ladybug figurine

This beautiful animal is said to bring luck and profit to everyone in the home.