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Jesus Christ is alive on the wall

Jesus Christ is alive on the wall

His miracle happened at a factory in Ukraine, after the image of Jesus Christ was "revived" on its walls.

For several days near the wood factory in the Great Berezni thousands of pilgrims were flocking across the country. Queues of people came to glimpse the image of the Savior, which appeared on one of the outer walls of the building and is huge, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The image appeared for the first time in the middle of the summer and its popularity quickly engulfed the whole of Ukraine. Jesus outlines of the walls are formed by mold and moisture, and clearly showing the head and body. Now the factory has become a tourist attraction in the temple, near the Ukrainian believers who left bouquets of flowers.

British Journal notes of the crowd image shot with mobile phones and stresses that images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are not unusual for Ukraine where the majority of the population profess the Eastern Orthodox faith.