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Another fragment of the Sinai Code is found

Another fragment of the Sinai Code is found

Another part of the oldest Bible has been discovered in Egypt, writes The Independent.

Nicholas Saris got new, unprecedented fragments of the Sinai Code which is from about 350 AD. The scientist studied manuscripts from the XVIII century in the Monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt.

Oldest Bible of the world was written in the Greek language, manually and on animal skin. It was discovered by Constantin von Teshendorf, also in the XIX century in the Monastery of St. Catherine's of Sinai.

According to a British scientist in the library they may have more fragments of code.

Sinai Code which consists of some 900 pages, presents a window on early church history, showing how the text has been transmitted from generation to generation. The entire script is written in Greek and As Old Testament, a copy of the New Testament is typical of the early Church Greek dialect Coyne.

Each page also contains numerous fixes, inflicted over the years, which indicates that the Sinai Code is not only one of the earliest but also one of the longest-used Christian texts.

The adjustments in the text show exactly how the church is referred to in various variant readings of the text over the centuries.

Recently Sinai Code was assembled, because parts of it are in different countries and published on the Internet. Interest in the Internet portal of the Sinai Bible is so large that the site is constantly overloading. Apart from the original text, the website also contains beautiful illustrations, and brief historical outlines of the development of Christianity in the first centuries.