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Year of the Dragon is welcomed lavishly

Year of the Dragon

Welcoming the New Year - Year of the Dragon, has to be lavish, to bring luck to you throughout the year. The Dragon loves luxury and abundance.

The holiday table must have only fresh products. The spirit of the Dragon will be impressed by the diversity of the dishes on the table, and their beautiful appearance.

Guests will be surprised if some of the dishes are prepared in front of them. It is good to have a barbecue to allow for the preparation of a juicy steak in front of guests.

Flambe dishes are recommended for New Year's Eve as the Dragon element is fire, although in 2012 the patron is the water dragon.

The less the food is cooked with heat, the luckier you can expect to be in the year of Dragon. It is recommended that you have an abundance of fresh salads.

Required the table is the appearance of a pumpkin dessert. Orange is the color of the Dragon. Baked pumpkin pieces with honey are a suitable dessert.

On the New Year's table of the Dragon, one is expected to have different kinds of fish. Canned fish does not count. In the Year of the Dragon, you must serve only food prepared a few hours, rather than days ago.

To meet the lavish New Year, all guests must receive a present, albeit just a very symbolic one. The table is decorated magnificently.

Lavish outfits and jewelery are recommended for women who celebrate the New Year. The Dragon loves precious stones and precious metals.