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Germs and the TyrannosaurusGerms and the Tyrannosaurus
19 Nov.
than 60 skulls of the Tyrannosaurus and found holes in their jaws which are not traces of its kind or other giant dinosaurs. Scratches proved to be screened to ensure normal ancient parasites. The diameter of the...
The Most Evil Mother-in-Laws in Recorded HistoryThe Most Evil Mother-in-Laws in Recorded History
23 June
You think your mother-in-law is bitter, rude and exists only to make your life miserable? Then take a peak at our list of the 3 most evil mother-in-laws known in history - they may even make the mother of your husband...
Three of the Weirdest Spy Operations in HistoryThree of the Weirdest Spy Operations in History
24 Nov.
task. But Skarbek took up the challenge. She went to a French outpost of the Gestapo and started lying that an Allied army was on its way to storming the city. In exchange for the information, she asked for the release...
The History of Mankind is a Weave of Cycles?The History of Mankind is a Weave of Cycles?
09 Oct.
One of the popular theories of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel claims that the history of mankind repeats in a constant cycle and that people don't always manage to learn from their mistakes. The...
The years of the dragon and snakeThe years of the dragon and snake
17 Sept.
of the greatest spiritual changes the world has ever seen. The major impacts of the five elemental components in the year of Dragon are conducive to deeper knowledge of self development and your spiritual home...
Cyrus the Great and the Persian EmpireCyrus the Great and the Persian Empire
13 Sept.
, the Persians and the Medes. With its strong army, he conquered Anatolia and eastern regions. Cyrus the Great was known among the nations who revered their language and were allowed to practice their religion. Cyrus...
Mandrake Magic and the OccultMandrake Magic and the Occult
10 May
people who use it. The root of the mandrake is psychotropic and can be poisonous. Its use can result in serious brain disorders. According to the construction of the root of mandrake, followers of the occult divide it...
Taurus and the Other SignsTaurus and the Other Signs
19 Feb.
The calm, friendly and peace-loving Taurus needs not only love and compassionate feelings but also privacy, financial stability and comfort. That's what he is looking for in his partner as well. Taurus has a...
Scorpio and the Other SignsScorpio and the Other Signs
25 Feb.
that is too aggressive. The jealous Scorpio cannot find agreement with the no less jealous Aries. Taurus and Scorpio are 2 complete opposites which feel absolutely wonderful together. Taurus is stable and loyal...
History of Love RitualsHistory of Love Rituals
22 Dec.
one where rice grains are thrown over the newly married couple. This tradition was inherited from the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians. These peoples believed that rice was a symbol of fertility and...
Cruellest mothers in historyCruellest mothers in history
07 Jan.
another, she sought solitude and self-imposed exile and returned only after the murder of her husband, probably commissioned by herself. It is believed that she killed his wife and their baby, so there are no obstacles to...
Forgotten mysteries of HistoryForgotten mysteries of History
19 Mar.
not yet completely solved, but Minoan civilization is an absolute mystery. Minoans lived on the island of Crete, known for its labyrinth and the Minotaur. The end of their civilization occurred after the eruption of a...
The Kyshtym Dwarf - the ET Mummy That Turned Ufology on its HeadThe Kyshtym Dwarf - the ET Mummy That Turned Ufology on its Head
28 July
Alyoshenka or the Kyshtym Dwarf - reportedly the first extraterrestrial mummy found on our planet - has been captivating the minds of ufologists and conspiracy theorists for years. The body of the mysterious...
The City That`s Disappearing into the Sands with its Ancient ManuscriptsThe City That`s Disappearing into the Sands with its Ancient Manuscripts
23 June
The ancient city of Chinguetti is surrounded by the sands of the Sahara and even though it was founded nearly 12 centuries ago, it has managed to maintain its specific appearance and is currently inhabited by a...
The symbolism and significance of the color blueThe symbolism and significance of the color blue
22 Sept.
is linked to death, because it is a symbol of mourning. In the Christian religion, blue color symbolizes kindness, honesty and virtue. Nowadays, blue color also has its symbols, which are different from the past...

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