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Brawlers and Peacekeepers in the Zodiac

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brawlers in the Zodiac

Each zodiac sign has its positive and negative features. Usually, the focus is on the first and ignores the second. It would be interesting, however, to understand what bad traits lie in our zodiac sign.

Aries has a totalitarian spirit, coupled with infantilism. Often shows his power, even in the most ordinary conversations. He can not even be defined as a provocateur or repressor of disputes because he is above such things, as he always (he says) is right, and sits just above the others. However, if there is a dispute in which it is difficult to defend their thesis, they became petulant, and some are even able to resort to reprisals. Their arrogance is at times violent, and they do not realize how they hurt others who simply can not oppose them.

Taurus. These extremely grumbling creatures are amazingly self-centered. They are very materialistic and they often have very conflicting personalities. They are always the opposite of popular opinion, and it is just to show that they are right. Conservatism and desire are everything they need to be as they say they have inherited wisdom.


Gemini are born schemers and hypocrites. They do not tolerate spectacular distractions, they operate quietly and secretly. When showing as peacekeepers, there are always other intentions. They are distracted, but able to find information about all of their goals. They are ungrateful to their relatives. If they have remorse, they lose their appetite for life.

Cancerians are bravest representatives of the Zodiac, but have one drawback - capriciousness. They are offended if someone affects them, are able to take up inconceivable scandals. Generally tend to go to extremes, especially in love, hatred, self-absorption and devotion.


Leo. They are always described as powerful and proud. They are stubborn and vain, but in certain situations are referees of who is right and who is not. Well, it's the Lion King, so others logically have to consult them.

Virgos are critical and annoying. They often have melancholy. They do not argue, and sting others with constant, annoying remarks.

Libras are extremely fickle and disoriented, they rarely know or care what is happening around them. Therefore, they only look at themselves and do not take any relation to surrounding situations.

Scorpio is a scorpion, waiting for cruel revenge. If not, they are very good peacekeepers and can help anyone in any situation.

Sagittarius is an egghead, quite unbearable at times. Their childish optimism keeps them from falling out with anyone but they are nervous someone capable of extremes. Often made peacekeepers and the result is often the aggravating of the participants in the dispute by the patter of Sagittarius. They reconcile and leave them alone to explore moral speeches.

Capricorn. They are extremely selfish. They are not influenced by others, but use them in order to achieve their objectives. When someone does not obey them, they quietly make him feel guilty for being stupid.

Aquarius. They are often incontinent and always know what to say, but is never out of place. Never part of the crowd, they differ with extravagance. Ready to clash with anyone more conservative, contrary to their ideals, no matter how absurd they actually are.

Pisces is tender fish and sensitive to pain. Do not like conflict, but every bad word about them can hurt them, and some even kill them. Disoriented, they do not know how to even buy bread. Extremely impractical, the money they have disappears in an instant, if they overcome the stress of meeting with the seller.



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27.06.2013 05:30
Pisces is so disoriented they can't even buy bread?? who wrote this idiotic article? Aquarius is often incontinent? so they pee their pants? what is this??