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The Zodiac Signs and Their Health

Nina NordNina Nord

Representatives of the different zodiac signs are vulnerable to different types of diseases. For example, Aries is quick to recover after being sick but often suffers from neuralgia and psychological problems. His stomach, teeth and eyes are his vulnerable areas.

Taurus frequently suffers from problems with his throat and bladder. His heart and sex organs are problem areas. The bad thing about Taurus is that if he gets down with something, he finds it difficult to acquire the strength to fight it.

Geminis easily succumb to a nervous breakdown, they are affected by changes in the weather, and they often end up with a cold. Rheumatism, allergies and joint problems plague Geminis.

Cancer often has stomach problems, which usually arise out of his hypersensitivity. Representatives of this sign are living proof that a person's health directly depends on their mood and nervous system - when they're happy they're healthy.


Leo is at risk of heart attack and stroke, mostly because he pushes himself too hard physically, without showing any mercy to his heart and head.

Virgo suffers from gallbladder, stomach and pancreatic diseases, has a tendency to have hernias form. The inner anguish of Virgo ruins her digestive system.

Libras are at risk of stomach and bladder diseases, mostly due to their passion for anything spicy. Representatives of this sign need to watch for even the slightest symptoms of Graves' disease.

Scorpio enjoys good health but it can suffer if he over exhausts himself. Diseases of the digestive system and skin problems plague Scorpio.

Sagittarius quickly recovers from diseases. Psychological stress affects his overall health. Joint problems and respiratory diseases are common in Sagittarii.

Capricorn needs to watch out for low temperatures because he catches colds too easily. His skeletal system suffers from a lack of calcium, so it's always good to supply his body with this element.

Usually, Aquarius has problems with varicose veins. The eyes, heart and nervous system of Aquarius are susceptible to various diseases.

Pisces are easily affected by respiratory diseases. Their lungs and nervous system are their weak points. Unhealthy ways of eating can also lead to problems with the liver.