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NASA Creates New Map of JupiterNASA Creates New Map of Jupiter
15 Oct.
The pictures are available for view on the website of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. From the received photos, NASA has created a 4K video of the planet's rotation....
NASA: Earth's Water is Being DepletedNASA: Earth's Water is Being Depleted
19 June
According to satellite data from NASA, humanity is facing a water crisis - some of the largest aquifers on Earth have begun drying up....
Strange Facts about the Month of JanuaryStrange Facts about the Month of January
09 Jan.
The reason being was that during the 1st month of the year, wolves would come into their settlements and wander in search of food....
Strange burial rituals from around the worldStrange burial rituals from around the world
03 Dec.
But the wise people of Tibet have found a way to send the deceased on their last journey - they cut through the body into pieces and sprinkle them with flour....
The Craziest Scientists and Their Horrifying ExperimentsThe Craziest Scientists and Their Horrifying Experiments
11 Apr.
Heiman showed with horrifying eagerness that everyone was wrong by injected the bacteria in over 100 children. 4....
Is it dangerous to remember past livesIs it dangerous to remember past lives
26 Sept.
With the help of hypnosis, you can remember your previous lives. But this can be very damaging to your psyche. Not surprisingly, the memories of your previous lives are hidden from us. So we can start fresh, avoid old...
People of Earth, come from spacePeople of Earth, come from space
21 June
He is a supporter of the idea that human life originated in space and even explains how this happened. 3-4 billion years ago, comets with microbes from outer space have found themselves on Earth....
Life on Earth came from spaceLife on Earth came from space
22 Feb.
French scientist Francis Albared from University Claude Bernard in Lyon, implies that water has penetrated to our planet from space....
Building a Fence Against Space JunkBuilding a Fence Against Space Junk
20 June
The speed with which these space junk bits orbit outer space is 16777 miles (27000 km) per hour, and if they collide with each other they break apart into much smaller pieces....
Uber and NASA to Develop Flying TaxisUber and NASA to Develop Flying Taxis
10 Nov.
The American space agency NASA has hired Uber to help develop software for flying taxis. The first official tests are planned for the year 2020....
Sensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on MarsSensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on Mars
08 June
NASA has announced that they've found signs of life at an official press conference held yesterday, June 7. The discovery was made using the Mars Curiosity Rover....
Astounding! NASA Shows Images of Merging GalaxiesAstounding! NASA Shows Images of Merging Galaxies
13 Mar.
NASA has published remarkable images online of 2 galaxies merging together, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope continues to be exceptionally beneficial in its work....
The Strangest PhobiasThe Strangest Phobias
05 Dec.
Acrybophobia is also up there with the strangest phobias - the fear of not understanding what you're reading at the moment. Even stranger is phobophobia - the fear of phobias themselves....
Strange Methods of Inspiration of the Great ArtistsStrange Methods of Inspiration of the Great Artists
05 June
Eventually when he would drift off into sleep, his grip would loosen and the key would fall to the floor. Salvador Dali would wake up and immediately begin expressing the strange visions from his dreams....
The Strange Things our Bodies do During SleepThe Strange Things our Bodies do During Sleep
09 Sept.
While we sleep, our body does and can do very strange things, while the processes underway are exceptionally interesting indeed. Let us explore a few of them....

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