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NASA: a Phenomenally Cold Winter Expected in Europe

Antonia R.Antonia R.

NASA scientists are predicting that the upcoming winter will be one of the coldest in history due to the increased activity of El Niño. The weather phenomenon appears once every 2-7 years.

Climatologist and oceanographer Bill Patzert said that according to analyzed satellite data, El Niño is currently more turbulent than it was in the period of the years 1997-1998.

The weather phenomenon, also famous for having the nickname Bruce Lee, may lead to sensitive temperature anomalies, warn meteorologists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


El Niño is among the most powerful phenomena that change the climate, which is why its strengthening and weakening is kept a close watch on and analyzed.

According to the scientists, the recorded El Niño activity will bring about one of the coldest winters in Europe. Most significantly affected will be Great Britain and other northern nations of the continent. Climate changes will occur in South America as well, where more mudslides are expected.

The last time El Niño was registered to have an increase in activity was in 2009-2010, when Great Britain experienced one of its coldest winters, while all of northern Europe had heavy snowfall.

Experts believe that the repetitive motion of the weather phenomenon is an indication of yet another freezing season for some parts of the world.