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The Theory of White Holes and Other Strange Scientific Claims


Despite all of the progress humans have made as a species, we've always looked with skepticism toward scientists. We've labeled them as strange and in many cases - crazy. Of course this only lasts up until the point when the scientists are proven right.

There have been strange scientific theories all throughout history. Some are so unusual that the average human brain cannot even comprehend them and dismisses them out of hand. No one could have possibly, in their wildest dreams, believed that one day humans would actually fly, leave Earth and even set foot on the Moon. But today this is all fact.

Let us now explore several bizarre scientific theories, which the majority of people may scoff at but which may no doubt turn out to be common knowledge in the near or far future.

The Multiverse Theory

Unlike the Big Bang theory, which claims that the Universe emerged from a singularity, a new theory proposes that the Universe originated from the collision of two 3D universes in space. If this claim is ever proven it would mean that our Universe has at least one twin somewhere in space. According to this theory, the distance between the separate universes is less than the diameter of an atom.


White Holes

According to another theory, space contains regions called white holes. It is based on the assertion that there is balance in nature. Therefore, since black holes exist, swallowing everything around them, there must also be white holes, which spew everything out. The scientists proposing this theory posit that both types are ruptures in space. While black holes suck up matter, white holes represent the other end, which return matter back to space.

The Matrix is Real

We've all seen the movie The Matrix. The creators of the film had read a theory by Korean scientists, according to which humans live within the boundaries of a computer program. The belief goes that intelligent machines are the ones who simulate our consciousness and create what we take for reality.

Life Arose from the Scrap Heap


Many would argue that just because a theory is strange doesn't mean it can't be stupid at the same time. They point to the so-called "garbage theory" as an example. It says that the origin of life on our planet can be traced back billions of years ago, when extraterrestrials used Earth as a garbage dump. Life as we know it would emerge from some of their organic waste.

Zoo Hypothesis

This theory states that extraterrestrials exist but refuse to reveal themselves to us in order not to influence the natural course of human development. The Zoo Hypothesis is analogous to looking at animals in a zoo. Creators of the theory postulate that extraterrestrials will only make themselves known once we've reached a certain level of development.