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Here's How Fear Can Kill youHere's How Fear Can Kill you
26 Oct.
Fear keeps us alive. The brain has special regions, genes, neurons and tricks dedicated entirely to the task of scaring us, in order to raise adrenaline levels and in turn improve our chances of surviving a threat....
Mars is Destroying its Moon PhobosMars is Destroying its Moon Phobos
19 Nov.
But NASA models discovered that the channels formed as a result of the tidal forces of the gravity between Mars and Phobos....
Ways We Can Help the PlanetWays We Can Help the Planet
14 May
The Earth is vitally important for our lives. To live in accordance with the principles of ecology is difficult but by no means impossible. Even if we can't imagine our daily lives without washing machines, hairdryers...
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Studies upon studies, conducted by scientists around the world, prove that our thoughts have great power. Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine....
Curses Can be Lifted Using WaterCurses Can be Lifted Using Water
04 Aug.
I am not the one speaking, it is the Virgin Mary with her lips, with her holy spirit". Spray this water 3 times over yourself or the person suffering from the curse, as well as their clothes and their bed....
Jewellery can block our energy flowJewellery can block our energy flow
09 Jan.
Jewelry is beautiful, but sometimes can harm people! Ancient eastern teachings and energy meridians in the body are recognized today even by hardened materialists. In every body there are internal and external radiation...
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
Mark Pressman, who deals with the study and treatment of sleep disorder, gives the story of Lisa Mahouni. Over 5 Lisa had many friends who came and left her without continuing the friendship....
Can we interpret our own dreams?Can we interpret our own dreams?
17 Feb.
Death is always a new beginning, the birth of a higher level. So if you have had such dreams you should be happy instead of feeling fear, something good will happen....
Don`t Miss Reading This if you were Born in January!Don`t Miss Reading This if you were Born in January!
12 Jan.
One's month of birth plays a significant role on their character and individuality. If you were born during the 1st month of the year, then you mark its beginning....
Facts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the MoviesFacts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the Movies
21 Nov.
Samurai have earned a near-mythical reputation. The idea that these fearsome warriors had devoted their lives entirely to a noble code based on honor is incredibly romanticized but also untrue to a great extent. At its core...
Why Do We Call Mars the Red Planet?Why Do We Call Mars the Red Planet?
22 Oct.
That is why Mars is also known as the "Red Planet"....
Russian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the BodyRussian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the Body
18 Oct.
The photographic technique, developed by the scientist, was approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia....
New Mars Discovery! Scientists Find Underground LakeNew Mars Discovery! Scientists Find Underground Lake
27 July
More specifically, the discovery was made using the Italian-developed MARSIS, which is mounted on the Mars Express orbiter....
Sensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on MarsSensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on Mars
08 June
During its trek on Mars, the Curiosity Rover confirmed the rise in methane levels in Mar's atmosphere. It could be due to a biological source or it could be a seasonal phenomenon....
The Countdown to the Mars Expedition BeginsThe Countdown to the Mars Expedition Begins
16 May
Only time will tell who will be the first in the race to send a man to Mars....