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Europe will be an ice desert?

Europe will be an ice desert?

Scientists are still mad: Europe will be an ice desert..

With the approach of the year 2012, the predictions from prophets, fortune-tellers and psychics are that the world is going to end is coming to a near.

In recent days they were joined by scientists however contrary to forecasts of disastrous days of the Earth.

A few weeks ago the chief adviser to the UK government issues a scientific prediction from John Bedingtan. He predicted that by the end of the century, Europe will become a desert because of the global warming.

Sweltering heat will affect the southern regions of Europe, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey where the vegetation will be destroyed.

However scientists from Canada do not share the same view. According to the professor of geology William Paterson, Europe is threatened to turn into an ice desert.

Canadian scientists say that based on a study of past glacial epochs. Before about 12, 800 years in the Northern Hemisphere they had a similar period. It is a sudden slowdown in the warm Gulf Stream current, allowing the ice to spread far beyond the Arctic, says The Sunday Times. The Ice period lasted ten years.

According to Professor Patterson the climate of the Earth is extremely unstable and can change dramatically under the right conditions.