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Assyria - the First World EmpireAssyria - the First World Empire
02 July
In antiquity, the Assyrians themselves took their name from their god Ashur. Until the 19th century BC, the small kingdom in North Mesopotamia was constantly dependent on one Sumerian kingdom or another....
Scientists Discover Where the Wow! Signal Came FromScientists Discover Where the Wow! Signal Came From
04 May
Astronomers today have found where the signal owes its origins from. On August 15, Jerry R. Ehman detected a narrowband radio signal from space....
Curious and Remarkable Facts about AnimalsCurious and Remarkable Facts about Animals
26 June
Firstly, a crocodile's digestive system is up against everything from turtles, fish and birds to giraffes, bison and even (when defending their territory) other crocodiles....
Facts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not KnowFacts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not Know
14 Oct.
From a scientific standpoint, it is a phase that occurs when the Earth falls into a position between the Sun and Moon....
Curious Facts about the MasonsCurious Facts about the Masons
25 May
We hope to shed at least a little bit of light on this organization with several of the curious facts below. Masonry exists in different forms around the entire world....
Who was the Man in the Iron Mask?Who was the Man in the Iron Mask?
29 May
Found documents from the time of Louis XV and Louis XVI give evidence of an imprisoned Italian nobleman with a mask on his face....
When the Zodiac Signs Get DepressedWhen the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed
18 Nov.
His soul harbors depressive memories from the distant and recent past; in fact he remembers every injustice done to him since early childhood....
Omens from clothes and shoesOmens from clothes and shoes
07 Oct.
If you put on your left shoe first, throughout the day you will have luck. You can neutralize this effect by making taking it off immediately and putting the right one on first....
NASA Debates Where the First Person on Mars will Set FootNASA Debates Where the First Person on Mars will Set Foot
05 Nov.
Most experts from NASA suggest that the 1st human foot should step on the icy region of Deuteronilus Mensae, located not far from the plane where the plot of The Martian movie takes place....
Dispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramidsDispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids
22 May
Scientists also believe that no more than 10 thousand workers built the Great Pyramid. The Egyptian Council on antiquity suggests that these people were fully insured....
The Zodiac Signs Made for Each OtherThe Zodiac Signs Made for Each Other
17 Feb.
Further, the 2 signs support each other a lot in the difficult times. Their harmony is a natural one from the first moment they meet....
The US Tests First Laser WeaponThe US Tests First Laser Weapon
20 Nov.
World media reports that this is happening for the first time. Based on the known information, the weapon is capable of destroying specific targets....
Body Language and Reading FacesBody Language and Reading Faces
27 Feb.
Let’s have a look at some tell tale signs to know a person better and some tips you can use for reading ones face. How to Read Faces?...
Legends and Facts about North American IndiansLegends and Facts about North American Indians
17 Dec.
Even today, many Indian tribes from the American Northeast and Southwest speak of legends of red-haired giants, with which their ancestors fought terrible and long wars when they first encountered them thousands of years...
Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witchesTalismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches
05 Oct.
Te word amulet derives from the Latin word "amoletum " meaning remedy. Most often a person believes in the amulet taking it with them where ever they go. In other cases a mascot is stored in the house....

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