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Hello, from the afterlife

Hello, from the afterlife

There are many known cases where people have died and remind their families through phone calls of themselves from the afterlife.

In March 1960 the writer Ronald Byrne moved to Rome after his wife died. One morning the telephone rings. When he lifted the handset of the telephone Byrne was told that there is a connection for an international call with his wife. After seconds in the headset he really heard the voice of his wife, he went on and recited one of his poems. Gradually, his voice became weak and he fell silent. Telephone calls from the other world became a tradition and become part of the occasion.

In 1977 Meredith Mary from Oklahoma was to operate. When she returned home after surgery she had a lot of letters. In one of them, Mary's mother reported the death of their kin in Louisville, Shirley Kentucky.

Several days later, Mary had a phone call. "Hi, Mary! It is Shirley. In confusion the woman really recognized the voice of her relatives, only characterized by the soft southern dialect. Mary fell into a panic and lost her speech.

After some time the phone rang again.

- Hi, Mary! Again it is Shirley. I wanted to ask if they are already better?

- But who is this anyway? And how do you know that I was sick?

- I was with you in the hospital, replied the voice in the headset.

Most people establish similar contacts with the underworld, and do not share the connection or are afraid to do this, however one is not to be accused or found to be insane.