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Full Moon and Summer Solstice Coincide for the First Time in 49 Years

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full Moon

In the hours between June 20 and June 21, both the Full Moon and Summer Solstice are going to take place simultaneously - an event that hasn't occurred since the year 1967.

On June 21, the Sun reaches its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the beginning of astronomical summer north of the equator and the beginning of winter for the countries south of it.

Just 12 hours before astronomical summer sets in, the full moon phase will also occur.

The last time these astronomical events coincided by date was on June 22, 1967. The next time we will see a full moon and astronomical summer falling on the same date will be on June 21, 2062.

These types of alignments are rare because the phases of the Moon and position of the Sun don't change at a specific calendar date and the full moon, as well as the astronomical summer, fall on a different day every year.


Due to the tilt of Earth's axis, the summer solstice means a longer day and shorter night in the Northern Hemisphere.

The transmitting of both solar and lunar energy at the same time defines the period as a remarkably healing one.

The beginning of astronomical summer is suitable for realizing activities linked to our personal growth, material prosperity, well-being and vitality.

It is believed that in the night between the summer solstice and full moon every person is going to have prophetic dreams.

The sun is seen as a symbol of male energy, and the moon - of female energy, and when the 2 combine they are capable of showing you the way out of even the most tangled situations.