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The Tarim Mummies of XinjiangThe Tarim Mummies of Xinjiang
03 Apr.
then in this area there were no Europeans. However, it appears that there was some, because a few of the bodies of the mummies are certainly Caucasians. Furthermore, the techniques are similar to burial practices in...
The Mummies and Catacombs of PalermoThe Mummies and Catacombs of Palermo
16 Feb.
understandable, as these catacombs have collected about 2, 000 mummified bodies. Some of them lie in their coffins, others are just leaning against the wall. In the catacombs, you will find a little girl – one can not...
American surgeon pulls alien chips from human beingsAmerican surgeon pulls alien chips from human beings
14 Sept.
least ten patients from which aliens pulled microscopic chips from their bodies. It all started in the 1973. While managing a small plane the engine suddenly turned off. Roger Lake was unconscious yet his...
Aztec human sacrificeAztec human sacrifice
22 Jan.
. After that the bodies of the victims were thrown down the stairs of Pyramids. However it was not just the thirst for blood of which motivated the Aztec people but to participate in this mass ritual sacrifice. Crucial...
Who put in the chips in humans?Who put in the chips in humans?
24 Nov.
of extraterrestrial origin into the human bodies. UFO researchers have a long list of cases in which random X-ray examinations in humans show that implants were found at various locations around their body. They do not...
The Blood-Curdling Secrets of the Gas Chambers at SobiborThe Blood-Curdling Secrets of the Gas Chambers at Sobibor
17 Nov.
forests around Sobibor, a testament to the horrors that played out there. To prevent their bodies from being discovered, the Nazis poured concrete over the victims. Investigators also found the keys to the chambers where...
What are Somatics?What are Somatics?
26 Oct.
- this is the so-called OBE (out of body experience). A body preserved in this way can remain intact for hundreds of thousands, even a million years. According to Tibetan masters, the bodies of a number of Atlanteans...
The Most Famous AsteroidsThe Most Famous Asteroids
19 Nov.
asteroids. Asteroids are bodies having dimensions between a few miles to a few hundred miles. The first asteroid ever discovered and the largest to this day, was named Ceres. It has a diameter of about 600 miles. Today...
The Death Houses in IndonesiaThe Death Houses in Indonesia
11 Jan.
by living people but by the embalmed remains of their deceased loved ones. As Christianity requires, before they are buried, the bodies of the dead are stored in these houses of death. While they remain in the...
It`s True! The US is Training Soldiers to Fight off Zombie AttacksIt`s True! The US is Training Soldiers to Fight off Zombie Attacks
10 Nov.
failed attempt at euthanizing free-range hens with carbon dioxide led to thousands of chickens crawling over the bodies of their dead kin and kept moving until their bodies finally stopped due to organ failure. The...
Strange Blue Creatures are Coming Out of the OceanStrange Blue Creatures are Coming Out of the Ocean
26 Aug.
were washed out all along the California beaches. Their bodies are no larger than a human palm and are distinguished by a protruding blue fin. It appears that not even the winds can help return them back into the...
The Lake Which Turns Animals to StoneThe Lake Which Turns Animals to Stone
08 Aug.
which were unable to cross the lake had fallen into it and therefore died - either drowning or dying from exhaustion. Afterwards, when the water level of the lake falls, the bodies of those birds wash up petrified due...
The Astronomical Events Until the End of the Year Worth SeeingThe Astronomical Events Until the End of the Year Worth Seeing
19 July
star Antares will all line up. They will be visible with ordinary binoculars. Then on August 27, 2 of the brightest celestial bodies in our night sky, Jupiter and Venus, will appear dangerously close to one...
The Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human ShadowThe Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human Shadow
07 Dec.
The human shadow holds a special place in various legends and folklore tales. Many of the ancient peoples saw it as a magical extension of our bodies and it was even present in important prophecies and magical...
Cemetery of vampires was discoveredCemetery of vampires was discovered
15 Feb.
Graveyard of vampires has been detected in the Czech Republic, near the town Chelyakovitsa. During excavations for the construction of a new building dead bodies of 13 people were discovered, all of whom were buried in...

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