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Tribe of New Guinea live in two worlds

Tribe of New Guinea live in two worlds

In the jungles of New Guinea, scientists have discovered amazing people who live simultaneously in two worlds, ours and the unknown parallel universe.

Representatives of the tribe leading a double existence fall into a trance regardless of which goes to the land of shadows where eternal darkness and monsters inhabit and the land of day. To portray this dual existence, the people of the tribe paint half of their body with black paint. The transition in the parallel universe of representatives of the tribe make this every day.

The unknown tribe describes the world as a place where other physical laws operate, there are other animals, gorillas and giant winged ants. There one can jump 15 meters in height. In the Land of the day, the land and tribe are peaceful, but in the land of the shadows, there is constant fighting.

Scientists are amazed at the fact how perfectly healthy people suddenly fall dead while in a trance. Their compatriots explain their deaths and that they were killed in another world, during a battle with the enemy.

Anthropologists examined several bodies and on them they found traces of teeth as if they had been eaten by a beast. In another case, the researchers observed how long out of trance, some members of the tribe are holding strange objects of light crystals in their hands and arms.

One crystal was studied in a laboratory in London, where it was confirmed that it has terrestrial origins.